Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Qrab's Chaos Dwarf Über Allies (352 points)

Here we are in the final month of the painting challenge and I find myself unable to stop. In my last blog post I alluded to working on something short and explosive and the models I painted this month fit that description. For April I finished a small Chaos Ally Contingent consisting of five more classic Oldhammer models that came out to 352 points.
  • Chaos Sorcerer Contingent Commander (240 points)
  • Chaos Dwarf Mortar team (42 points)
  • Chaos Dwarf Bazuka team (70 points)
The gang's all here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Anthony's April Allies (239 pts)

Word was spreading in the Old World of plunder and death of apocalyptic proportions. Survivors of former cities now sought refuge within the capitals of the Empire and spoke of hordes of savages bearing the heraldry of the Blue Serpent. Meanwhile, Morgoth's hordes only grew larger as followers of the chaos gods were drawn to the strength of his army and the potential to wreak havoc on the kingdoms of men. Packs of beasts of all shapes and sizes were drawn to the din of battle ...

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blue's April Elves

Well here we are!  The last month of the Old World Army Challenge.  

This post will show the final models that I painted for my thousand point force...including my general...but I will do a separate wrap up post with army shots etc a little closer to the end of the month.

This month saw the smallest number of models for the points because this group includes my general and two other mounted models.

Here is the Points Break Down!

2x Lord's Bowmen     30pts
1x Warrior Kinband   11pts
1x Wardancer             23pts
2x Wood Riders         52pts.
1x General (lvl. 10)   98pts
TOTAL                      214pts

Here is the Group picture...

Here is also your first look at the Shield design I've chosen.

...and here are the individual photos of different troop types.

Monday, April 2, 2018

One. Last. Month.

March is done!! Only April stands between you and eternal glory!

Soon, you shall be referred to as veterans of The OWAC, and one day your children will get to hear your tales of hope and courage, despair and missed deadlines, as you faced 6 months of grueling painting but survived to tell the tale.

Knock this out of the park, glory awaits!!!

Your benevolent overlord

Ed's regrettably throwing in the towel (or maybe not after all)

Hi everyone. I regret to inform you that unfortunately I will have to call time on my old world army challenge.

 I'd have to say my work being increasingly busy has played the biggest part in this decision; I have been working every day recently and have been too drained to pick up a smaller paint brush in the evenings.

 Secondly, my final installment has been looking doubtful as a) I haven't even managed to buy all the figures for my dwarf unit and b) I haven't even decided on which figures to use for my cavalry, let alone buy them.

 Finally, I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty burnt out with painting Empire right now. I think the unit of halberdiers last month brought that on. I didn't want this project to end up rushed and a chore.

 It's a real shame I've had to come to this decision when the end is in sight. I must look at the positives on the other hand. I had planned on starting a Border Princes army last year anyway and had it not been for the challenge I confess wouldn't have got as far with it as I have done, I know what I'm like and I'd have probably painted half of what you've seen before taking a break from it and tackling something else.

The challenge is indeed just that. It takes commitment and a lot of focus and I've been mightily impressed at the efforts of you guys! It's been a massive success and you all deserve the praise you get.

 I wish you all the luck to get yourselves over the finishing line. You can do it!

Note from the Challenge Overlord : After discussing with Ed, I decided to let him stay in the challenge, even though he's used his mulligan already. So close to the end, and Ed have produced such brilliant work, I felt it would be a shame for him to drop out at this point. I suggested that he stay in, and he accepted. Consequently, Ed will produce one last entry for us in April, and obviously be allowed to post his wrap-up post, with his completed army. 

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