Thursday, June 6, 2019

Iannick's Curses of May (350 points)

I must take you into my confidence and warn you. There is a curse which says that all persons present at the opening of a Pharaoh's coffin and who gaze at the face of the mummy therein, shall die. You have been Warned! 

This month is a thematic month of curses, for I have painted Mummies and a Gorgon! The funny part is it seems my mummies were indeed cursed! When I started the challenge I couldn't find 3 figures of the classic 3rd edition Citadel mummies I knew I bought a few years back. Now this was very unusual as I'm a neat freak with my collections (a place for everything and everything in it's place), bordering on OCD! And yet after looking everywhere I couldn't find the models. Damn! Fortunately a member of the OWAC graciously offered to send me some. But bad luck struck again and they got lost somewhere between continents (once again I've very rarely lost packages. Canada Customs sucks, but usually it does, eventually, reach it's destination). I couldn't believe it, the curse was real! 

But I really wanted to include mummies in my force. I'm a big horror fan and mummies have always fascinated me, and I used to watch on late TV the old Boris Karloff movies. One of my main criticism of the new post 4th edition undead force is indeed the absence of the classic mummies (now part of Khemri, but even then the models don't have that old school vibe to them). So I dug in my collection of bare metal and found a trio of Reapers mummies. Quite nice models, really, if not for their lack of poses. I like their height and their style. If not for nostalgia's sake I probably prefer these ones to the Citadel ones.

Anyways, mummies are expensive rank and file troops in 3rd edition, and are about as close to tanks as the Undead will get. Tough SOB's, really, and at 80pts a pop quite expensive!

That doesn't make for a very productive month, so at the last minute I also added a Gorgon to my month's tally. This model is from the classic and timeless Citadel Night Horrors, sold as "Medusa". It's an incredibly simple figures, and to me that fits very well with the Medusa myth. Gorgons don't need to be imposing monsters, and such a simple and small figures conveys even more the terror of her stare.

Still, a small month in figures counts, even though these four are worth 350 points! I intend to make up for this month's small productivity in June, and the plan is to paint a unit of Zombies as well as my Plague Cart (one of my favourite model ever). 

  • 3 mummies : 240pts
  • 1 Gorgon : 110pts

Jeff's Black Ark Corsairs (215 points)

This month I painted up Black Ark Corsairs and a Sorceress.

The detail on these is ridiculous. The sculpters were really on their game. These are not quick paint jobs. I did enjoy painting them but it took a lot of time.

I tried some different highlighting techniques. Normally I just wash and drybrush. Good skills to have but I have begun experimenting with blending. Unfortunately these models do not have a lot of surfaces that work well for blending, but I did try a little bit.

I love this model. Too bad my picture washes out the detail

10 Corsairs with Full Command..........156 points
1 Dark Elf Sorceress.............................59 points
Total 215 points for May

I started early on these and did a little bit every day. That is the trick I think. Even just one quick session of doing boots or something. It really adds up at the end of the month. Sorry for the pics, not great quality.  Due to everyday life issues I rushed to get these pics and get the blog post up and I was still late after a trip to the Emergency Room. I'm fine, the figures are painted, and the blog post is done. Now onto the final Month. Saved the best for last, my Army General and Cold One Knights.

Cheers, Jeff

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Paul's Gribbly Beasts - Month Five (654 points)

The two rutting packs of beastmen could hardly be kept from ripping each other apart. This was good. Soon their ferocity would be unleashed on the unwitting folk of the nearby town of Tramilar and there would be much carnage for them to revel in.

The Watcher brought it's staff down sharply, the crack of thunder it released quelling the herd into some semblance of silence as the altar was brought forth into their midst. Two beastmen laboured under the weight of the unholy arc, the writhing tentacles and sickly miasma wafting from the censures causing all in proximity to feel their guts squirm queasily, as if they suddenly had a life of their own.

The beastman shaman moved among the throng, bleating out it's foul benedictions. Filthy banners bearing the unholy Octed were unfurled. The packlord, ruddy hide glowing in the reflected glow of the altar's unnatural light, surveyed his troops and nodded his readiness to the Watcher.

Boom! The Watcher's staff cracked once again. The altar was borne high. The herd brayed it's challenge to the stars and stalked away into the night, their coming heralded by the howling of  hounds and their passing shadowed by demons...

Ooomph! That was a hefty month! My own fault though, as some of you may remember from my earlier posts I had sort of painted myself into a corner with colour schemes for my beastmen basically meaning I needed two units instead of one... Well, here they are!

The two colour schemes have (red and purple) have sort of evolved into the idea that although Nurgle currently holds primacy over the warband, the other Gods have their influences too, purple representing Tzeentch or Slaanesh and red for Khorne (obvs).

The back row were painted in a previous month
Of course two units means two sets of command, and luckily I got a chance to pick up a Middlehammer era beastmen command minis at just the right point in the challenge to make this possible. However, I both needed to boost my numbers and wanted to add a bit more interest to my front rank so added a beastman with Mace from the same era (on the left below) and Burly Broo with pole arm and head 13, from the Vile Broo Runequest box set which I picked up from a friend in a job lot a while back. He's a bit diminutive compared to his burly bodybuilding cousins being 25mm scale, and he's damaged his horn-stubs along the way, but he's got bags of character and I like to think of him as a Halfling or Dwarf that has been corrupted into beastly form.

Middlehammer era command in the centre and extra beastman on the left, 1982 Burly Broo on the right
And from the rear
I cut a simple foil banner from the foil from a tomato puree tube and distressed the edges to make it look a bit more like ragged fabric. My freehand skills are seriously poor (but I'm working on it!) so I settled on simple Octed symbol. I went for sickly yellow rather than purple as I didn't want ot overdo it and the yellow seemed more suited for Nurgle, while the Octed will serve if these need to turn out for other deities in the future.

It seemed fitting that the Shaman Champion would be associated with this unit rather than the red  pack with their more Khornate tendencies. That axe makes it an awkward bugger to rank up unfortunately, but I can see myself adding another few platic beastmen to the unit to make this six wide in the future so it can accommodate the Shaman neatly.

Next up are the red pack. Again, the back row of five were painted earlier in the challenge, but this is a bigger unit so another ten monopose beastmen for the pile. I was determined to get these all done this month to keep up with some of the other challengers who have been turning out big units every month, and to show that building a chaos army isn't only about painting massive monsters etc.... Just mostly ;)

All but the back row painted this month. I'm done with beastmen for a bit now thanks!

The front rank of this unit is a bit more unusual...

There are some interesting characters here, just as the Oldhammer Gods intended
First up is a converted standard bearer I put together out of bits from the 6th edition plastic Goblin sprues and a damaged monopose Beastman. Again the simple green cloth ties the unit to Nurgle but the red Octed will serve other purposes if needed.

Next up is a 'Two-headed Troll Giant' from Garrison miniatures Sword and Sorcery line, converted into a musician with the addition of a press mould of the shield from the Marauder Giant to look like a beaten up gong. It's a very soft sculpt and I'm sure that someone with more time, patience and skill could have done much more with it in terms of painting in the detail, but I like it for it's fugliness and I think it breaks up the monotony of the goat-heads nicely.

Then we have this classic Bob Olley sculpt. I love it. I don't think I have done it justice really as the half goatlike, half simian face has more character than I have been able to bring out, and the armour and very ornate helmet have been treated quite simply, but I'm considering this my first step into Bob Olley beastmen as this was enough to get me hooked. (BTW: I'm pretty sure the back of his head should be the same armour colour as it is part of the helmet, but I felt the mini needed more red to balance it out from behind)

Then we have two very different sculpts from Krakon Games recent Axe Grind KS (although not yet on the website at the time of writing). The first is a skinny little runt who at first glance seems a bit out of place alongside all these goat-headed weight lifters, but I really like the pathetic-aesthetic that is often ascribed to some Oldhammer figures and I think this has something of the same feel. Plus it is always the little ones you have to watch out for, feeling like they have something to prove to the rest of the pack. Watch him, he'll f***ing cut you!

I had to use this guy as my Champion for this unit. While he definitely still has a gota-like feel so fits in well, there is something simian about him, like a silver back Gorilla about to hurl the severed elf head at you in bellowing challenge. His yellow fur is a bit too neat for me. I meant to splash some Tamiya clear red over him to act as red gore but run out of time to do it properly, so the red smear on his base is the only indication of gore, but I think I will go back and finish the job so he is properly blood soaked :)

And in addition, or to lead the unit, we have a Beastman Hero. Nowhere near as nice as the version we saw from Andrea, who showed us what can really be done with this sculpt, and I'd want to spend more time on the horns in particular, but I'm still happy with the brute force he manages to portray. I certainly wouldn't mess with him!

Finally we have an added extra in the shape of the Tim Prow sculpted War Altar that Yosef BenSadon (formerly of this parish) put together a while back (and since acquired by Ye Alchemist with some future production plans in the pipeline so keep an eye out on their KS and fb pages and all the usual forums for news!)

It's quite a special piece I have to say and I love all the options you get (different beastman heads and altar tops for each of the four gods plus one for Chaos undivided), many of which I can't wait to use in future conversions for my growing Chaos forces.

In practical/game terms I can see myself using it either as unit filler (it takes up the same space as eight beastmen, but as you can see below it makes the unit off balance, so that is another column of beastmen to be added in the future!) or if my opponent agrees I could see it working as a Battle Standard, or even in place of a low level Shaman!? For OWAC purposes however it has zero points value.

So, the breakdown for May is as follows:

Beastman Shaman Champion - 134
Beastman Hero - 130
19 Beastmen - 190
2 Musicians, 2 Standard Bearers - 80
2 Beastmen Champions - 120
Chaos War Altar - zero

Total for the month: 654 pts

Plans for next month include: everything still on the list! Nurglings, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Goblins, Paying the Pipe... lots still to look forward to!

I can already tell I'm going to get OWAC withdrawal symptoms come July :(

Blue’s Missile Support Part 2 (209 points)

Hi all,

Back with more missile support troops for my growing Empire Dwarf army.  Here we have another small unit of Dwarf Crossbow troops with standard, musician, and 5th lvl hero as leader.  Now, like the last unit, this was to be a unit of 12 total but as I started painting I realized that the figure I had chosen for the commander just wasn’t working for me so I had to remove that figure and the replacement didn’t arrive before the end of the I ended up with a unit of 11 (for now).

Here they are...A tidy little unit with some very characterful sculpts in it.  This unit is decidedy more "puff and Slash" than the last unit...which were a bunch of bumpkins...these guys are the pride of the army with their gaudy uniforms.  The standard bearer is conversion of a MM15 Dwarf Warrior...It may be sacriligious to slice and dice such a nice figure but he didn't really fit with any of my units...and there is a definate lack of command section figures in the Marauder it seemed a perfect chance to employ an underutilized figure.  The standard icon is a spare from one if the White Knight dwarf kits.

Points value:

  • 10 dwarf crossbow men, light armor, Xbow plus standard and Musician 156pts
  • 5th lvl hero, light armor, Xbow 53pts
  • TOTAL: 209pts
I've really enjoyed painting both of these units of Dwarf Crossbows...and I think I'd like to expand both of them to 14 figures I'll probably be adding some into my next months allotment.



Ben's Chaos Extravaganza (219 points)

May is easily the most fun I've had painting little dudes in a long time. Bucket list minis is an understatement in my opinion. This month's effort includes 10 Beastmen and a Chaos Marauder for a total of 219 points. Pics and rambling incoming.

Zygor Snakearms. Preslotta, little and about as weird as they come. What he lacks in size he makes up for with his Snakearms. Level 5 Beastmen hero with light armor and shield clocking in at 63 points.

Chaos Snakemen. Nine of them make up this unit with Zygor as the leader. A couple years ago I found 12 of these guys on eBay for $60. Even an idiot Stunty or Greenskin player couldn't say no to that. I'm counting these guys as regular Beastmen with light armor and shields. 13 points each totalling 117 points.

Lastly we have Gloria the Kinky Chaosette. What a fantastic figure. An Arcane Armorial was used for her shield and "PAIN" will eventually be painted onto the little banner. She will be played as a Chaos Marauder with heavy armor and shield costing 39 points. Gloria will be part of the unit from last months effort.

I have no idea what the last month will include. I've got a standard bearer and musician I can paint for the Snakemen, possibly some cavalry or beastmasters and their accompanying weirdness. As always thanks for looking. 

Dave's Voracious Vampire Lord (375 points)

The first and indeed only mention of the name Kravag in the township ledgers of Messinghof is in the late twenty-second century. An odd name, even for an odd and mercifully forgotten corner of the Empire, one Kravag was born to a Yarognev the Younger. The unconventional name "Kravag," by rough approximation, meant "evil" or "ill-starred" in the crude dialect of the benighted eastern peasantry. The last of thirteen offspring, Kravag's birth on Hexensnacht eve, 2178, is the same date as his mother's death, indicating her death during or shortly after childbirth.

No further note is made of this insignificant figure, and it is impossible to say whether this is the same Kravag that appears many years later in the whispered folklore of Sylvania. Kravag the Voracious, it is said, was once a Hogmonger's slave and son. Whipped and beaten, Kravag was treated differently than his six brothers and six sisters, each of whom was doted upon by their father. Every evening, this gargantuan swineherd and his twelve portly children supped on magnificent meals of beer and porkpie, stuffed eggs, boiled eel and braised greens with bacon. And every night, for dessert, they would gorge on plums in sweet wine. Kravag, so the story goes, was left to shiver in the the pigsty, being forbidden from the dinner table of his kin. The poor wastrel, starved half-way to a skeleton, survived on what mere scraps remained when the Hogmonger sent one of his paunchy progeny to throw the evening's rubbish to the swine. Even then, being scarcely six stone in heft, young Kravag could barely compete with  the dozen or so ponderous sows that each measured ten times his weight or more. What little he could find of the leavings once the swine had finished with the bulk of it, Kravag could never find even a trace of the sweet wine and plums that he yearningly smelled wafting from the farmhouse each night.

Now if superstitious peasant tales are to be believed—and they most certainly are not—young Kravag's fate changed one night when a gaunt, terrible figure stalked out of the evening shadows towards the pigpen. Before the boy's eyes, the hideous creature sprang upon a young hog and rent its flesh, gorging on its very lifeblood. Only when the glutton's belly was full of swine blood did it notice the meek, terrified child peering at it from the dark corner of the stockade. At first the monster bared its wicked teeth and it seemed as if its fangs doubled in length. Kravag squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as he could in fear, but did not scream, for even at such a precious young age, he knew this death would be superior to even a moment more in his wretched life. Heavy heartbeats passed and yet death did not come to the pitiful child. Slowly, he opened one eye, then the other, until he was again staring at the beast. The figure had barely moved from his position gazing upon the child, hunched over the mangled sow. Then, to Kravag's surprise, the creature coughed, specks of black blood appearing on its sallow lips. In the pale moonlight, the beast looked different now... no longer vigorous and hale, but rather infirm and dying. The creature spoke in a slow, halting, heavy accent, as if it had not used its tongue in countless years but to lap up blood like an animal.

"For ages I have roamed the mountainside, chased from my home and hunted. I was royalty, ruling over my sheep. At Hel Fenn, I was awash in the blood of mortals. Now I feast on rodents and cattle... for too long, I have feared discovery and shunned hunting the cobbled streets and country roads that are my birthright. It has weakened me and now I am dying. But my line will not die. If I cannot rule again, then my lineage will after me."

It was then that the monster gave Kravag the blood kiss, before transforming one last time into a monstrous winged creature and flying off into the night sky. Within a moment, the memories of past royalty, the Aristocracy of the Night, flooded the boy's consciousness, and his darkest desires were transformed into a hideous plot.

The next night, when Kravag's portly brother came to discard the remnants of the Hogmonger's supper to the pigs, he did not return to the farmhouse. The next day, when the brother did not appear at breakfast, the siblings convinced their father that he must have gone to town for more eggs. The next night, another brother disappeared while taking out the garbage. Again, the siblings convinced their father that he must have gone out early in the morning to the next town over for some eel. This grisly pattern continued, until the Swineherd had to send his daughters, one by one, night after night, to throw away the dreck. Finally, only the Yarognev remained, alone at his long table, set with places for thirteen. Much too afraid to step foot outside, the corpulent pig farmer now ate alone, course after course, until he came to the dessert—plums in a sweet, sticky wine. As he reached for his spoon, he saw another figure sitting directly across from him at the far end of the table. It was Kravag... but he was different. Larger, more brawny, the usually-stooped child appeared to be at least as tall as his heavyset father if not indeed taller now.

"Is that... is that the plums in wine?" A familiar, yet eerily twisted voice croaked from the figure. Golden eyes peered sharply at the silver bowl. The old farmer held up the bowl shakily, as if to offer it in full to the intruder. A moment later, the sinister figure towered over the hefty Swineherd, reaching towards his offering with a long, clawed hand. The Hogmonger was frozen, eyes locked on the fulvous orbs that pierced his very soul. Motionless he sat as the hand extended past the silver bowl, slowly pushing its way into the farmer's fleshy chest, clasping an icy grip around his still-beating heart, and retracting with the purple, pumping organ, coated in sticky, red blood. Finally, Kravag the Voracious would have his plums and sweet wine.

Kravag the Voracious (Vampire Lord) ~ 375 pts

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Skal's Friends with trees (696 points)

This month I wanted to get two units of five Wardancers painted up as the are the toughest Elves for other armies to deal with. White Dwarf issue 144 released rules that made the Wardancers even more badass and the different dances gave the Wood Elf army a way to deal with tough units and characters.

This group was painted using my greens and blacks. I stayed with the blue war paint across the eyes to tie them into the rest of the force.

The stealth group in all black is something I have wanted to do from the beginning but I wanted to make sure the unit invoked the look of them stalking through the darkness ready to pounce. For me I think I achieved this through the poses I choose and the all black body gloves. This unit will also stand out from the rest of my army as they are the only elven unit with all reddish hair.

Next up is my army General. I have always like miniature Glam from Skarloc's archers and thought he would make the perfect leader for my army. He has two swords as well as a bow on him. After taking the photo of him I realize I want to work more on his skin and create more highlights and contrast, so you will be seeing him again with even more paint on him.

Next up is my champion for my warrior kin. This elf is the reason I wanted to do a spear armed warrior kin unit. He stands out in the unit due to his pose and the fact that he is only in a loincloth.

Super late additions to my painting que are the first of a few Great Eagles. This monster will give me the ability to to harass enemy war machines hanging in the back of the table. (Thank you Chris Lemieux foe the models I got from you).

Last and certainly not least is Skaw. I had this model when he was first released and he was lost in the many moves I have had over the years. This was another model I got from Chris. After reading Battle at Blood Keep battle report in White Dwarf 148 I realized that the WD crew were mixing Warhammer Armies with the "New" individual Warhammer Army book's. This made me super happy as I really wanted to include some of the newer units in my army like War Hawk riders, Dryads, and Skaw.

Points painted for this month:
Glam Level 25 equipped with 2 swords and a bow 212 points
Warrior Kin Hero 10th level 88 points
10 Wardancers 230 points
Giant Eagle 75 points
Skaw 91 points
May Total: 696 points

My face when I had finished this months painting! Next month like a lot of the group I have something (ok maybe a few things) special planned for my army. 

Till next month


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