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Stuart's high elves - just like regular elves, but just a bit taller

When I first heard about the oldhammer facebook page (and subsequent trading page) the first thing i did was to try and recreate my wood elf army of old.
The fact was that I was an elf lover and everybody wanted a wood elf army like McVey when I starting out.

The odd thing this was every once in a while when you got a bunch of elves in an auction or a job lot you'd invariably end up with a few other elfs that looked a bit different. These chaps were high elves and in my early years everyone had a few of them and stuck them at the back of the unit to fill up the back rank or to be the first casualty.

As a result, I never saw a high elf army (let alone played against one)......not until 4th edition came out at least.

Fast forward a few years and I have big piles (of lead, not the other kind) of unpainted models and various army groupings that are safely stashed away somewhere.  As you do, when you have enough of the more common armies, you start to look at the more eclectic  bunch and think about hexagonal bases and high elves......well i did!

I decided to rummage through my wood elf bits and pieces and put a bid on some weird flowery elf type chaps on ebay.   The promise to myself was that there would only be a few of them and it didn't matter if i didn't win the auction.

Turns out, as usual, this swiftly developed into a small kilo of point eared chaps that had no organisation and cost very little money.....the perfect oldhammer army!

So despite me having no idea about army organisation, or having ever seen a painted army before, I present to you some 3rd edition high elfs that i have cobbled into a small force.

As stands, the force will be:

1 General, level 15 hero, light armour on a warhorse 136 points

1 level 5 wizard, mounted on a warhorse 84 points
5 Silver Helms    175 points
17 Kith, standard bearer and containing a Level 5 Kinthane with shield  211 points
9 Archers  126 points
9 Guards with shields, standard bearer and led by a level 5 wizard 208 points
1 Bolt thrower with 3 crew and light armour  60 points

Army total 1000 points

Skal's Wood Elves

Darkson's Happy Little Forest Painting!

Well here we go. The goal of this little adventure is to paint up 1,000 points of Wood Elves to bring arrows of happiness to all of those that stumble into the forest with ill intent over the next 6 months.

Here is a look at my happy little force so far. As you can see they are all bare metal just waiting for their time to hit the painting table and become "Happy little mistakes".

The work up to January will consist of cleaning the models, working on all of the bases, trimming the tabs, and adding pins to all of the feet of the troop miniatures.

For my 1,000 points I am working on the following:

Lvl 15 Elven Mage mounted on a Warhorse w/barding 213 pts
He will be accompanied by 2 bears (not yet acquired) 40 pts

5 Wood Riders 130 pts

10 Lords Bowmen 120 pts
Lvl 5 Hero 48 pts

15 Warrior Kin w/ Spears 150 pts

2 units of 5 Wardancers 200 pts

1 Treeman 280 pts

Army total: 1,133

If I have time I am going to add a few more units to really flesh out the force. For the theme of the force I am going for a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) that patrols the boarders and protects their lands for intruders.

I have always been inspired by Mike McVeys Wood Elves from back in the day. He did not stick with the typical Wood Elf colors and he was inspired by Celt and Native American tribes. I really dig this and am going to also pull from Celt and Norse (surprise, surprise for those who know me) theme.

For my colors I am going to try and stick to the Vallejo range of Panzer Aces paints as I want a mix of uniform greens, greys, and a browns. I want the clothing to feel like it would blend in with the colors of dusk, which would be the time the force would strike. This would allow the enemy just enough time to know they are getting attacked by the forest before the darkness sets in and the night of terror begins.

I am excited to be a part of The Old World Army Challenge (OWAC) and look forward to seeing the other armies develop into fully painted armies.

Always remember it is not about the destination but the Journey that counts. Till next next post.


Andrea’s Chaos warband

Ciao OWACers,
Finally here we are with OWAC2!
For those who don’t know me, I am the Italian one (you know, Italian are everywhere!) and started the hobby back in mid-90s. It was when the 4th ed started and, after a short while, the 5h was released; basically, the herohammer era! I have always been a painter/gamer, with alternate proportions through the time and, as many, with two or three stop and go dictated by life.

My first love ever, in all fantasy things, are the Wood Elves: in fact, they were the subject of OWAC1. This year I would like to face what I think the most fascinating and iconic army of WHFB: the Chaos army! What I really like of the chaos army is that... well, is chaotic! Many variegated regiments, monsters and humanoids all in rank and files units. It is probably the quintessence of the evil army threatening the world!

Years ago I started a small Chaos force, just for playing some 6th edition battles: therefore, a number of plastic humpback chaos warriors, all metallic colors and generally darkish. But, from that point on the search for old style chaos miniatures led to the gathering of a nice pack of chaos warriors and beastmen. One regiment, made by champions, has been already painted (bases to be completed), the remaining will be the OWAC2 entries. 

Here the list of the warband, from the Chaos army book of the 4th ed. WHFB

Chaos hero ................................. 193 pts
Beastman Shaman Champion .... 134 pts
Beastman champion ................... 60 pts

Chaos warriors (x8) ...................... 192 pts
Beastmen (x9) .............................. 90 pts
Harpies (x5) .................................. 75 pts
Dragon ogre (x3) .......................... 261 pts 

The Chaos hero is a classical champion, one out of the three with bone armor: I already have the other two and I find all great sculpts! What I like of this miniature is the face: an old looking one, almost bald head but transmitting bad strength! Cannot think anything better as a leader!  

But my little big treasure is the warrior regiment: these are all old metal ones. Among them two of my favorite miniatures ever: Slambo and the guy with the scythe, Morlock Soul Reaper. 

Then, the bestial part of the party: the Shaman and the other beastmen. This is a collection of miniatures from different ages, including a 6th ed champion. He is no more a champion and on the back row: I like the idea of the big guy trooper with no obvious command position! A nice miniature is the one with wild boar face, I didn’t know there were beastmen like this. Very funny!

Dragon ogre and harpies are great pieces, something to worry about back in the 4th/5th edition and something one cannot miss when building a proper chaos army!

Ok, the plan is to create a brightly colored, classical chaos army with a large use of red and brass.  I like old style painting very much and I would like to reproduce those color scheme that populated the old battlefield.
I am really excited to start this new OWAC and looking at you, good people, and your to-be-painted armies I am sure this will be a great challenge!

Ciao, A.

John's Chaos Dwarf Reinforcements

Reinforcements eager to join the battle are sent to the forces waiting in Zharr-Naggrund.
(Challenge 1)

"Axemen! A half day's march to the north stands a Manling army five times our numbers! If we cannot outrun them, we'll wake a fear to devour their hearts from within. Give them a vision of their destiny atop that hill. Flay every prisoner and maim half of them. Impale a third and gouge the eyes of three quarters. Cut out the tongues of three fifths and stretch the skins of a tenth between poles. Load the pyres and prepare a third of the prisoners for immolation once the Manling battlelines are drawn. Hashut wills it!"
- Sorcerer-Prophet Ghorth the Cruel during a campaign in Nordland

January brings:
Bull Centaurs x5 205 points and a Converted War alter 0 points 205 Total

February brings:
Bull Centaurs x5 205 points and Dragon Ogres x3 (Allies) 261 points 466 Total

March brings:
Bull Centaurs x5 205 points and Baggage Cart 0 points 205 Total

April brings:
Bull Centaurs x5 205 points and a Lammasu 200 points 405 Total

May brings:
Bull Centaurs x5 205 points and a Taurus 225 Points 430 Total

June brings:
Bull Centaur Lord 368 points and a Bull Centaur Chariot 368 Total

Grand Total 2079

Authors note:
25 Bull Centaurs seemed pretty easy but are desperate for painting so thought to add more big guys to make it a challenge. There are multiple banner-men however they only see themselves as normal troops representing the army. Chaos Dwarfs know that their banners cause fear in all that see them and have enough pride to display many.

Thank you Yosef BenSadon for sculpting and generously donating the alter to the cause. I hope you don't mind the fact that the Chaos Dwarfs stole and modified it to their needs.
Thank you as well to John Pickford for sculpting this great baggage cart. Everything else is from the GW range.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sybou's part: Rise of the undeads

Hello everyone,

I'm joining the old word army challenge for the first time.
Long time chaos player, I also collect several other armies like humans, orcs and goblins, chaos dwarves and ... undeads.

These guys got a place in the painting queue for so many years that when i saw the opening of the challenge, it was really a good opportunity for me to make a big step in their painting process.

For my 1000 pts list, i used the warhammer 3rd edition list.

I was planning to use a vampire as leader but these guys are incredibly expensive and so I went for a skeletal champion and a cheap necromancer. A humble start for a humble force and moreover that 'll make them look like Heinrich Kemler and Krell (sort of ...)

My favorite to start, 30 ghouls (240 pts):


I gathered several citadel and gw ghouls plus a ral partha and some otherworlds ones. I might make two units of 15 but for now that's not important.

No options there, just regular ghouls ...

Then, we got the big unit of 30 skeletons with shield (330 pts):


The pillar of all necromancer's army, these guys are scary as hell. There are 35 on the picture but we can expect a couple to be summoned during the game.
I didn't find the points cost for a command group so I guess they should cost a couple more points but anyway that 's not important for now.

Damn, they're expensive

I was surprised by their cost, 10 points for a skellie ??! Damn, with shield they came up to 11 pts.

Finally, all armies should have some wildcards units, that shall go behind ennemy lines or bring support to the big rank and files units.

First we have the plague cart (100pts):

Plague cart

I really loved this mini when i saw it. It s not so big but I think it s still impressive, I added to skeletal servants who bring skulls and bones to the pile. 

Then, we have carrions (180 pts):


These guys are really fun, I remember my old white dwarves where you can see them in various colours like green, orange or purple. They were a pain to rank and file though.

I love the illustration pics.

That's all for the units, which make us a total of 850 points. With my necromancer (Lvl 5) and my skeletal champion (Lvl 15) I reach a total of 995 points which is good enough because I didn't include weapons for characters or command group for skeletons.

The complete army waiting for their leaders.

The leaders are still waiting for their bases. I'll try to give them specific ones for them being leaders and stuffs.

Finally here are the two winners for testing my colour paintschemes for skeletons and ghouls:
And the winners are ...

I'll try to paint the ghouls like the ones painted in the garden of hecate's blog, i'll stay more classic for the skellies.

I'm eagerly waiting for january and i hope that I will hold all the 6 months. That'd be a shame to fall in the "fallen comrades" group.

Waiting to see the intro posts of all the other players.
Stay cool and keep painting minis ...

Brennan's Slann Renegades

Well here we go, round two.... FIGHT!

For the second Old World Army Challenge I've decided to go with the Slann.  It's a collection that I picked up this year.  I've always wanted a Slann army and I have kept my eyes open, but it certainly took a while for an opportunity to come up!

My rough plan is, that this a group of Slann who are going to take the fight to the dry legs!  No more sitting around waiting for the emperor to act!  So this will be the following a Slann warlord, who does have a member of the wizard/priestly caste supporting his cause.  It also works well with James' undead thingies.  We're hoping to run a couple of games based around a necromancer who has gotten out of hand in Lustria, and the Toad-Emperor isn't that bothered about him, but my fellas are.  Should be a fun game or campaign. 

So the planned army is (using the 3rd ed list in Warhammer Armies):

LV 15 hero with 2 Handed Weapon and Heavy Armor - 117
LV 15 Wizard on a Litter - 199
15 Eagle Warrior with 2 handed weapons and a standard - 240
15 Alligator Warriors w 2 handed weapons and a standard - 208
16 Span Band with shield and standard - 170
10 Venom Tribe - 120
5 scouts with poison and shields - 70

For a total of 1124

Here are the lads in a box - sadly, many figures never escape the box

 Sample of an eagle warrior, a scout, venom and a band member

 Band member, alligator warrior, and two more band members

Here the leader himself, Croak Lord Mitzocowatel

Jeff McCaffrey's Dark Elves II - Introduction

This year I'll be continuing to build the Dark Elf army I began in OWAC 1.  I'll be rounding out the force with some cavalry and Mercenary Ogres.  I also intend to finish up the models that were only half painted at the end of the last challenge - since they're partially painted, I can't count them for this year's challenge, but I'll be using the challenge to motivate myself to get them finished.

The List:
10 Dark riders with Standard - 242 pts.

5 Hell Drakes - 195

5 Ogre Mercenaries with Double Handed Weapons - 290
1 Ogre Champion - 110

1 Level 5 Wizard on Cold One - 100

10 Witch Elves with Extra Hand Weapon, Poison - 140

Total 1077

The cunning plan to get them all painted:
Month 1
5 Dark Riders
1 Wizard on Cold one

Month 2
4 Dark Riders
1 Dark Rider with Standard
1 Ogre

Month 3
4 Ogres
2 Witch Elves

Month 4
8 Witch Elves
1 Ogre Champion

Month 5
5 Hell Drakes

Relatively low model counts, so it should be achievable in spite of what promises to be a busy spring.  However, since I can't leave well enough are the models laid down incomplete at the end of the last challenge that I plan to tack on to my challenge painting.

Level 5 Hero on Warhorse, Heavy Armor, Shield - 58

20 Warriors with Standard & Music - 242

15 Warriors with Halberds - 195

I'm planning to knock out the hero in month 1; 5 warriors a month for months 2-5 and the halberdiers in month 6 - we'll see how it goes.....

And of course, a little thank you for our benevolent overlord to round things out.

Let the painting begin!

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