Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ross' March of the deadites (312pts)

From one extreme to the other, as they say. Last month I painted 4 mummies. This month I painted 24 skeletons. That's quite a leap, but one worthy of Deadcember.

I chose to paint a load of skeletons to balance out my average. The reason I went for 24 rather than 20 is to fill the 12-slot movement trays I use for Kings of War and I didn't fancy leaving 4 models hanging over.

24 skeletons with light armour and spears are 312 points in 3rd edition, 264 in 4th. I'm not counting unit command.

This brings my total up to 632 points for 3rd edition or 444 for 4th.
Next month (January), I am going to add shields to the unit, 3 Carrion and 5 Cavalry.


  1. Great work man, good productivity but also I like the colour scheme; very muted and undead like.

  2. I like the dull coat for the metal weapons and armor.

  3. Looking good. You seemed to handle the jump in numbers well.

  4. Great job, also considering the number of guys to be painted!


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