Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thomas's High Elves: Lord Teflon 216 Pts

January is fast upon us.  I was going to go with the bowmen but decided I was on a roll with the horses I would knock out my general this month. 

Here we have Lord Teflon flying sky high on his favorite steed the pegasus!

If you notice I've used the torso from the Silver Helms champ.  I like it better then the one that came in the box.

 I continued on with the Kislev war paint.  Then kept a large amount of red in his wings to tie it all together.

 I'm really pleased with how he turned out. 
Here is a shot of the army as it stands so far weighing in at 702 points.
With a General, 10 Reavers, and 15 Spearmen. Next month will be the Bowmen, and then finish the project off with the other unit of Spearmen.  Cya next month. ;)


  1. Glorious work! He looks really good. Love the colour scheme and the tie between the hat, the Pegasu's body and the wings

  2. Replies
    1. Dont worry they hate your nasty Dark Elfs too. ;)

    2. My Dark Elves with bathe in their blood! BLUUUUUUUDDDDD!!!!!!!

  3. looks great. Color scheme really works

  4. Well shit. I can't even say anything snarky, he looks too cool.

  5. I thought we sprayed against high elf infestation! Great Job!

  6. Looking great, man! That war paint really has come out well!

  7. Cracking pegasus sir! Love the warpaint, something I've never seen used like that before.

  8. Nice work, man! And a great castle behind your army ;-)


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