Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Geitman Foo-foo the Snoo and her merry band of murder Broo (240pts)

This month, again, a last minute mad dash to the finish:13 beastmen + beastman shaman lvl 5 = 130+110= 240. They have been looking at me, all primed and covered with just the first layer of paint and crude wash for the most part of the month but they came together when specific areas got some distinct color, unfortunately many suffered from a coarse primer mistake I made in Fall.

Foo-Foo the Snoo and her merry band of murder Broo.

The beastman shaman model (center front) reminded me of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss illustrations: Foo-Foo the Snoo (from:  I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! )

There she is, creeping kids and parents out since 1978.

Although my Foo-foo has a brown dress, if you look closely you can see a flower pattern on it too. Also Jake the Pillow Snake can be seen front row 2nd from left.

I've found you can see the flower pattern better if you print out this picture and draw little flowers on the dress with a sharpie, your miles may vary.

Foo-foo chooses the most depraved and deranged beastmen and broo to accompany her in her personal retinue, with a preference for those that look slightly exotic.

From L->R, "Rep', Jake, Sneetch, Foo-foo.

Everybody hates "Rep", he constantly raving about other's bootstraps, while he wears no boots himself, the rest of the unit calls him 'Boots' or "Rep", he calls himself "Republican In Name Only", nobody knows why. Jake, has several small servants that follow the warband with his huge pillow, on which he perches when not marching or fighting. He claims to be some kind of royalty come from a far away land but the rest just tell him make sure his poncy ass doesn't choke on a rat. Sneetch does not speak but he's special, he has a star (upon thar).

From L_>R, Uni, Vug and Tusk

Uni is reportedly a mutant wood-elf, he doesn't want to talk about it. Zug and Tusk are lovers, most of the other's don't want to think about that, but they are eerily intrigued.

From L_> R Tellar, Boffin, Langnek and Quimney.

Anthrax, Skull and Velbloud

The backrow: Tellar, Langnek, Quimney, Anthrax and Skull are the few goatlike broo in the unit, reportedly all (grand)sons and (grand)daughters of Geitman Foo-Foo, all excelling in depravity. The rumor is that beneath the chainmail mask, Anthrax has a very comely human face, and that it is the reason he is the most devout follower of Nurgle in this unit. Boffin hates his brother "Rep". Velbloud is not known for his intelligence and takes most orders literally, the amount of time he irritated his fellows and was told to:"just take a running jump of a cliff", and did so are countless. Luckily he still heals quickly.

There you are, Arjen out.


  1. Hahaha I love the description of all these freaks! Foo Foo is especially funny.

    That's a great, diverse unit, very chaotic

  2. Cool figures and nice story, I love that you've named them all. I can sympathize with primer woes, its happened to me before, several times.

  3. I'm late to this whole blog, so working my way through backwards .This is my favourite entry so far! :)

  4. This is a cracker! Some lovely eclectic minis in there! :)


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