Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler

I thought I could get by without using it...... but I did. The shame, the defeat, the not so silent judgment of my peers. I choose to use the mulligan.......

Well I took the mulligan, such a short month and I really didn't get motivated to get much done other than a goblin shaman, which wasn't in my list or 200pts (though I suppose I could have loaded him up with war gear...) But hey that's what a mulligan is for, making up for doing nothing important. I sometimes suffer, as I'm sure we all do the urge to paint anything that isn't what I should be painting. Like that big box of chaos with its siren call or the dwarves in cabinets. But now thanks to the mulligan I can relax for a few hours then prepare to paint my one of my least favorite model types to paint, cavalry!


  1. No worries, we all get that "squirrel" distraction.

  2. That's why there is a mulligan. And I loved that book as a kid!

  3. I've been trawling EBay of late and the pull to paint something else has gotten very strong. I added the wizards this month to satisfy that urge. Honestly there isn't really any shame in using the Mulligan.


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