Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mustafa's Grozhart The Slaughterer and the Slaughter-mongers (197pts)

They don’t come much more psychotic than good old Grozzy.

No one knows where he came from, or why he is the way he is. Grozhart has never shared his past with any of his followers on account of two things. Firstly, nobody has the bottle to ask him such personal questions, and secondly he couldn’t tell you anyway as he has no tongue, having bitten it off while in a battle frenzy.

When he’s not killing with wild abandon, he can be found in his smoke filled tent, sharpening his axe (usually on the bones of previous victims) while muttering to himself in readiness of his next bout of savage barbarity.

Only the most insane, suicidal, bloodthirsty, violent, gore-loving, axe-swinging, head-cleaving dwarves seek to become members of his retinue, The Slaughter-mongers. 200 confirmed kills is the minimum entry requirements. Supplying your own suit of red armour also helps get your foot in the door.

Chaos Champion: 91pts

-Chaos armour
-Aggression bonus
-Shield and axe

8 Chaos Dwarves with heavy armour, axes, and shields: 106pts

Total: 197pts


  1. Cheers mate :)
    I think they are nice and creepy.

  2. I love the flame detail and the eyeball shields.

  3. ^^ Ditto. Shields are proper bizarre

  4. The flames were an after thought. The armour looked a bit boring so they chucked on a bit of white.

  5. I'm coming to Japan to fight them.

  6. Me too! Way to finish strong buddy. ;)

  7. I really love these guys. Great work.

  8. These are really great! Shields are wonderful


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