Monday, April 23, 2018

Lissanne's Feanorian Reavers, part 2 Extra! Extra! (93pts)

3 Reavers with shield, bow and spear, 93pts

Well I decided to finish just the 3 Reavers I originally promised to do, and not to show off with even more for my extra month (Jeff!)  This would be the last 3 'sons' of the 7 sons of Feanor- Karanthir the dark, the fourth son, and the youngest who are twins, Damrod and Diriel.
Karanthir is mostly described with black hair, ruddy skin and quick to anger.  Good reaver material

The twins have many names in the Tolkien writings, I choose one of the first and longest lasting pair of names Damrod and Diriel.  Whence comes 'sons' also because Diriel means 'she who is like a man'  They were a pair of identical red head hunters who were inseparable.  Damrod's hair was darker though.

With these 3 reavers this officially ends my High Elf army challenge- Final wrap up to come!


  1. Nice work Lissanne! And congrats for the finish, and the extra points!

  2. Well done indeed on finishing up! I've really enjoyed your work and look forward to the group shot.

  3. Nice finish to the challenge. I really like themeing the army to Tolkien.

  4. Nicely done! Like Michael, I’m looking forward to seeing the whole army. It should be quite the colourful sight!

  5. Lovely addition! I like those Reavers


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