Monday, April 2, 2018

Ed's regrettably throwing in the towel (or maybe not after all)

Hi everyone. I regret to inform you that unfortunately I will have to call time on my old world army challenge.

 I'd have to say my work being increasingly busy has played the biggest part in this decision; I have been working every day recently and have been too drained to pick up a smaller paint brush in the evenings.

 Secondly, my final installment has been looking doubtful as a) I haven't even managed to buy all the figures for my dwarf unit and b) I haven't even decided on which figures to use for my cavalry, let alone buy them.

 Finally, I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty burnt out with painting Empire right now. I think the unit of halberdiers last month brought that on. I didn't want this project to end up rushed and a chore.

 It's a real shame I've had to come to this decision when the end is in sight. I must look at the positives on the other hand. I had planned on starting a Border Princes army last year anyway and had it not been for the challenge I confess wouldn't have got as far with it as I have done, I know what I'm like and I'd have probably painted half of what you've seen before taking a break from it and tackling something else.

The challenge is indeed just that. It takes commitment and a lot of focus and I've been mightily impressed at the efforts of you guys! It's been a massive success and you all deserve the praise you get.

 I wish you all the luck to get yourselves over the finishing line. You can do it!

Note from the Challenge Overlord : After discussing with Ed, I decided to let him stay in the challenge, even though he's used his mulligan already. So close to the end, and Ed have produced such brilliant work, I felt it would be a shame for him to drop out at this point. I suggested that he stay in, and he accepted. Consequently, Ed will produce one last entry for us in April, and obviously be allowed to post his wrap-up post, with his completed army. 


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