Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dave's Dark Elf Army Wrap Up

Alas, the snow has melted away, only to be replaced by hot summer days—it is time to set sail on the titanic Black Arks and make our way to foreign shores for more murder and mayhem. Painting these Dark Elves was really a delight and I already have more expansions in mind!

And at long last, here is an image of the entire army, gathered for war.

Technically, the army only includes one of the two wizards, the other being an alternate sculpt for variety. Here is the final breakdown.

Dark Elf General (Cold One, Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield) ~ 176 pts
Sorcerer ~ 59 pts
5x Cold One Knights (Lances) ~ 210 pts
Repeater Bolt-Thrower ~ 100 pts
War Hydra ~ 225 pts
10x Executioners ~ 160 pts
5x Scouts ~ 65 pts

I want to thank the organizers, the contestants and everyone who has been following along on this 6-month journey. It has been great fun to read your comments, to see your armies grow and to hear the lament of your mulligans. Hopefully I will see you all again in the next Old World Army Challenge! For the Witch King!


  1. Great force Dave! I enjoyed you keeping to your theme through the challenge. That hydra is a fantastic centerpiece

  2. I enjoyed this army as well. I look forward to what you come up with next.

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge and your new army. Ice themed armies always look clean.


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