Sunday, May 20, 2018

Jeff's Chaos Army Wrap-up

Here is my final post for the OWAC. I am very glad I joined and stayed in it to the end. It was tough to finish. Now I have a 1300+ point Chaos army that I didn't 6 months ago. Honestly, as a gamer for the last 30 years, I do not have a lot of painted Warhammer lead. This is only my 2nd Warhammer Army, the first being Empire.

The "Warhammer Pose"

 The group shot

My Dragon Ogres and Chaos Warriors. I've had most of these figures for a long time. I did add a few CW from ebay to round out the unit size.

The Chaos Knights have been lost in my basement for years. I never did find the Standard Bearer, so ebay supplied a replacement. I went with the Dark Elf version of the harpies as I like that sculpt better.

Now these 2 Chaos Champions are the old Marauder sculpts. Some of the first Warhammer lead I've owned. I've had them forever, easily 20 years or more, unpainted, stored in my basement.  The Chaos Mages didn't get painted for this challenge, I've had them for years, but they will be added to my Army.

When I started this challenge in November I had planned out a 998 point list. I'd scrape up the 2 points later with a standard or something. In the end I went a good bit over as I found lost lead and maybe an ebay purchase or 2.

What I ended up painting was a little different.

Using the 4th Edition Chaos Army book here is my army:

     Dragon Ogres..............261pts
     Chaos Warriors............240pts
     Chaos Knights..............330pts
     Chaos Heroes................394pts

Total: 1375pts.

Future plans, I would like to add a Chariot or 2, Centaurs(conversions from Marauders) and Beastmen.

I want to thank all of the Old World Army Challengers for providing the inspiration to finish this project. And a special thanks goes out to Iannick for running the challenge. This was hella fun, and I will be onboard for the next one, just not too soon.



  1. Excellent work on a tidy and effective little force! Well done.

  2. Great work and a great army! And thank you for your hard work keeping track of the points during the challenge!

  3. Another classic army. Some great figures in there and I'm glad you found a way to power through. I'm trying not to look too hard at things I could add to my Brets, I need to paint other stuff.

  4. Another great chaotic host! Awesome stuff Jeff!

  5. Awesome looking army Jeff! I always like to know some of that lead was finally painted after like 20 years stuck in a basement!

  6. Congratulations on your new Chaos army! It looks great and is filled with some classics.

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