Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lopez' Dreadful Dark Elves!! (365pts)

Finally Finished

Well... we made it. What a trip! 

My final submission is four Helldrakes and my general, a level 20 Dark Elf Hero on Cold One. This isn't my recap post so i'll just stick to a brief write up on the unit and save the drama for the big reveal. Here they are!

The Helldrakes are painted in the same scheme as the last five from last month. I swapped the weapon on one of the riders with the banner piece from the one of the Marauder dark elf warriors. The banners themselves are made from strips of toothpaste tube which I cut into the appropriate shape and super glued into place. The strips hold their shape very well and look better than paper banners, in my opinion. The banners were painted on the pole and I added several layers of varnish to help keep the shape. The Dark Elf runes come from different pictures in the 4th edition Dark Elf army book.

Last but not least is my general. A level 20 hero with light armor and shield, armed with a magic weapon, mounted on a Cold One. I painted this model with a suit of gold armor to match the foot version I had painted up previously. I added some milliput and greenstuff mushrooms for extra Old Worldiness.

4 Helldrakes with lances...... 172 points
Lvl 20 Hero on Cold One
Light Armor, Shield ............. 193 points (Magic items not included in points total)




  1. The banner does look fantastic! Awesome way to end the challenge

  2. Cracking freehand work on the banner sir. Splendid!

  3. Thanks guys! I think it's a nice focal point for the army. We'll find out when I start taking army pics

  4. Extra Oldhammer brownie points for the toothpaste tube idea

  5. These look great Lope. The banners are really nice, I've never thought to use toothpaste tubes.

  6. Count me in as a fan of the Banner, brilliant.

  7. Great entry! I will be trying that toothpaste tube thang...

  8. Can't wait to smash them on the table. LOL

  9. wow, nice. The banner finishes it.


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