Thursday, May 3, 2018

Nathan's April Slanns (200pts)

A small lot of slann to finish things off. Now I didn't need to do these for the purpose of the challenge but if I ever want to field a 3000 point army of Slann I need to meet some minimum unit sizes. With that in mind I finished off enough figures to ensure that. Here they are:

The figures above are :

- 2 venom tribes for 24 points
- Slann brave for 10 points and level 10 hero to lead my slann priests with an additional hand weapon and light armour - 80 points
- Lizardman for 22 points; and
- two slann bull riders with light armour and shields for 74 points

All up 200 points! I do need to add shields to two of these figures once I've purchased the lizardman shields that I need. That can wait a few weeks (well months!) whilst I slowly work on other rank and file figures for the army.


  1. Don't know which I like more, your great painting or the wonderful old models! A great finish- enjoy the army!

  2. Nicely done. A great example of classic figures.

  3. So Old School. Awesome challenge Nathan!

  4. really like the bright colors on these chaps. well done!

  5. So colorful! Those cold one riders are just perfect.

  6. Thanks for the comments - really appreciated. Added inspiration to finish the rest of the slann I have another 40 odd including the Eru Kin Tim Prow did!

  7. Amazing job! So colorful, I like it really much. I am looking for the seeing the whole army gathered together


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