Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Yosef's Brogio's bodyguard, 7 condeterri (179 points)

Ok so here we are at the end of the challenge, and the army is looking quite different to what i started with 6 months ago. Here is the bodyguard of borgio, 7 tilean condeterri, with a champion for 179 points. I was searching all week for those damn shields to make it a 193 points unit, or even using them as templars, but after the move they are not found anywhere. Also their original horses are not something I think fitted so much (completely unarmoured!) so I used later armored ones, they don't stay perfectly on those smaller horses, but for now it should be fine.

Personally I like a lot the look of those early citadel multi part knight, as they have a right amount of part (3 to be exact, body, arm and legs) compared to modern models with around 8-12... Only I think the lances being so thin I never managed to straighten those long lead lances, but at least they do not crack like so many of the middlehammer ones.

So that is it, still searching for all the parts of the army after the move, I'll need to unify a bit better the basing across the army (some had with all the base on brown and some had just the top part.) and repairing the chariot, i ll take next month a picture of the whole army.


  1. You made it to the end with a killer unit! Great work!

  2. Great Job man! Nice way to end the challenge, congrats!

  3. Nice to see some High Helm knights. Something I plan to add to my collection at some point!

  4. Nice job! Always useful armoured cavalry


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