Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rochie's Rat Bastards

Hello there!

Right, first off, hello to everyone here (and the readers!), for those of you who don't know me, I'm Rochie, 34, GSOH, hung like a coke can, etc. I'm a relatively late starter, getting into little metal men in 1995 at the age of twelve when a school friend invited me to his house to try out this thing called "Necromunda". From that day on I was absolutely hooked. There was no GW shops in Ireland at the time, but I was pointed in the direction of a model shop in the city centre that stocked their products and away I went. Every Saturday I would go into town with my ma and while she did whatever mas do on a Saturday in town, I'd scuttle off to the model shop to spend my pocket money on whatever blister pack took my fancy which resulted in what can only be called an eclectic collection, where termagants with spike rifles rubbed shoulders with eldar swooping hawks and other such randomness. I did a short stint working in gw Dublin before there was the usual break for college and women, and then I ended up blowing the dust off my collection to start playing against a fellow nerd I met while doing my apprenticeship. As time went on, I amassed a few large armies but then I met my now wife, who introduced me to Talisman 2nd edition.

 Being a toy soldier fancier at heart, I started to replace the card "models" with the original metals off of eBay, and in searching for these I stumbled across the newly established Oldhammer Community. Within six months I had sold off all my newhammer armies and started collecting the good old lead! I originally started by picking up the models I'd always wanted as a nipper and then branched out into replacing the plastic armies I'd sold.

At present my long term goal is to have a painted 1000 point army for each race from warhammer 4th edition (which in most cases should be usable in 3Rd too), so this challenge fits perfectly into my machinations.

So which army to choose? I've already got chaos and undead covered, and I'm almost finished high elves. Also, I took part in an army challenge last year that got me a 1500 point greenskins army so that box was also ticked. Looking at the lead mountain, i had a choice between Skaven and Lizardmen. Shit. I've already done a horde army for a challenge and the lizardmen are from 5th, so that's them buggered. So skaven it is! To be fair, I've always loved the little rat bastards so this won't be any sort of a chore.

Still awake? Grand! I'll piss off now, but I'll leave you with a pic of what I've built so far, the core of the army based around a warlord and chieftain in a big block of clanrats and a plague priest bringing a unit of monks to the party. These will be bolstered by jezzails rat ogres and gutter runners, but I've still to dig them lads out.

Thanks for looking and reading this rambling stream of bullshit, and good luck to all the other folks taking part!


  1. Great to have you here Rochie, you and your Irish brand of humour! ;-)

    If you managed to do a Goblin army last year, you should have no problems working on rats! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them, you are surprisingly our only Skaven participant, so don't disappoint!

    1. Thanks for having me! And don't worry, I only disappoint my sexual partners

    2. I notice the (s) on partners. Good thing your wife ain't a member of this blog! ;-)

  2. Are you going to go with your normal style or try to Andy Chambers these?

  3. Good luck. Interesting to read the hobby life story of others and see the commonalities with my own

  4. An Irishman eh! I knew there was something I liked about you. ;) Sounds like you have a similar affliction as I about making one of everything, you've just actually done something about it. I look forward to seeing your Rat Bastards.


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