Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ratwig's Dark Elf Slashers

Hello, I’m Ratwig (SA). I have been gaming since the early 1970’s with board games, branching out to mini’s around 1973. Discovered WFB in 1987 when I visited a local hobby store (out of business twice since then) and the guy behind the counter ran a small skirmish on the counter top. Went and put together two different O&G armies during the following years until driven away from WFB in disgust around 1996. Fast forward to now, I have another O&G army and I still have enough lead onhand to assemble entire armies for Wood Elves and Dark Elves. I went with Dark Elves for this challenge as I had started to paint one unit a long time ago and figured I should finish it.

I wanted to knock out the required troops for this, but I would be limited to painting just 40 warriors, 20 crossbows and 10 witch elves. When the minimums are added up, total cost is 800 points with no added extras for any of them. So, I went through what I had on hand and came up with the following:

1 General on warhorse

12 x Witch Elves – this unit knocks out my witch elf requirement, one down!
12 x crossbows – the start of my 20 crossbow requirement
10 x crossbows – another requirement knocked out!
6 x Doomsteeds – with barding, using Essex Miniatures barded horses with some Marauder DE cavalry
5 x Ogre mercenaries
1 x Scorpion – Witch Elves’ pet and source of poison for their weapons

This is actually more like 1500 points, but Dark Elves are expensive…

This photo is of the unpainted force. Only two units are currently ready for painting so they will be the first two, and I will be starting with the Witch Elves. I just finished painting my sorceress to finalize my paint scheme, so I believe I am slightly ready for paint slinging. 


Ratwig out


  1. I love the inclusion of a giant Scorpion! We don't see enough of these big monsters in armies.

  2. I like the feel of this DE force - less traditional Dark Elves, but more auhentic as the retinue of a DE 'Hero' somehow. I particularly like the use of the Blood Bowl Ogres - something I have done for my own O&G army :)

  3. Super cool oldschool force. I think the use of the Essex warhorses is particularly nice. I think DE's are one of the hardest to make 1000 points because of the minimums. I thought I read somewhere that they were based on 3000 point armies. Perhaps, moving forward, Oldhammer should figure out a way to scale those.


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