Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler

Hey everybody! 

My names Mike and I have a terrible dark secret...I never played Warhammer' Fantasy 3rd edition before 2012. During the halycon days of youth I was spending my precious treasure on miniatures and modules for AD&D, the closest. Sadly those miniatures were long lost as I'm sure there were citadel miniatures in those purchases. I played some of the board games including hours of Battlemasters with miniatures painted poorly with my mom's Apple Barrel craft paints. 

It wasn't until 5th/6th edition I got into Warhammer and played steadily until Age of Sigmar ruined everything (in my opinion). But then back in 2012 I stumbled across some blogs extolling the models of my childhood and the 3rd edition rules. I was hooked and quite quickly got a copy of the rules from Amazon for surprisingly cheap and dove in on a project of collecting an orc and goblin army. Of course distractions arose and soon dwarves, dragons, chaos and various other "oooh I need that" models filled the shelves. I set the orcs aside and worked in a chaos forces after getting copies of the realms of chaos.books. I finished a small chaos army for oldhammer weekend in Virginia  and had a great time. 

I returned full of excitement and inspiration and promptly started working on endless hours of fallout 4 and skyrim and adding more lead to the pile. Finally a challenge arrived to push me to finish my  giant pile of unpainted orcs and goblins, so I dug them out from all corners of my house from the had ended up after our move in the spring and began sorting them out.

There's still a few more pieces elsewhere...

Since I wanted to go orc heavy I decided to switch it up and get the 4th edition orc book and make a list from that. So after a quick Amazon order and lots of waiting... I downloaded the army list and got to work. I can up with a list of.    

Orc Warlord
3 trolls
10 arrer boyz 
5 boar boyz
2 goblin chariots
16 orc boyz with command
6 wolfriders and a goblin boss. 

Now to get painting!


  1. Nice list. I love the trolls in my 4th ed O&G list. I suspect you'll want more than three before long :-)

  2. Great looking horde of Greenskins on that table. A tidy little list, but no ball and chain fanatics? Heaven forfend! Seriously though, that looks like a nice list. I always appreciate O&G armies.

    1. I skipped the gobbos mostly because I have them partially painted already and wanted to get the orc boyz done since I usually field a goblin heavy army when I play them in other editions.

  3. Love this post, the all too familiar sense of distraction and going off on hobby tangents is captured really well.

    "I returned full of excitement and inspiration and promptly started working on endless hours of fallout 4 and skyrim and adding more lead to the pile." - Nailed it! :D


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