Friday, December 1, 2017

Jeff Allen's A Chaos Horde of two - November (394pts)

The start of this challenge couldn't have come at worse time. I took a new job. The new job was in the process of moving to a new building. Being in IT I had to work weekends to get things up and running. But not all was lost.

My wife had a 5 day business trip to Las Vegas. Five glorious days! Giving me lots and lots of free time to finish....then my kids gave me a Cold. That pretty much wiped out the  the 5 days. 

So on the morning of Nov 30th, here was my progress so far.

A full day of painting lay ahead. I made good progress through the day. 

Here's the problem. I didn't have a plan. I didn't have a paint scheme. I was wracking my head on how to paint these guys. I was googling images, looking at videos. Looking at the Oldhammer group for ideas. I repainted parts of the figure multiple times. That cost me a lot of time. I eventually I landed on a scheme. I went with a very light green wash over the armor that I liked.

So here's the finished product. Unfortunately I suck at taking pics, so some of the more subtle techniques I used get washed out in the pics. 

This guy was dropped on the way to the photo table. Rider/Horse separation.

So for November I have 2 figures painted! 2 Chaos Heros on Chaos Steeds. 197 points a piece for a total of 394. Feels like cheating...but it's done and now I can start the next group. 

Cheers, Jeff


  1. LOVE these guys, especially the grinning maniac, on of my all-time favourite.

    I really like the simple but very effective chaos undivided colour scheme you used for these guys, they really look great!

  2. I like the scheme. I find sometimes I do better when I just get stuck in. Nice work!

  3. I like them a lot! Desperation gives great color schemes!

  4. 2 absolute great models! Remember the chaos warband forms around it’s leaders. Way to start big and gather a following as the project goes on. 😉

  5. They came out great. Don't sweat the number of figures, when you paint Chaos that's how it goes. Glad the drop only separated him from his mount.


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