Friday, December 1, 2017

Fred's month one....

Month One:  Great Expectations

Our first month in my plan was to give Magnus his first unit of Kislevite cavalry. I had managed to assemble all the equestrian models and block in the base colors. In addition I managed to block  in the base winged back banners, however, both the holidays and my capacity to put too much on my proverbial plate conspired to put me on my back feet this month.

Vying for both bench time and space has been an Eldar host from the 40th millennium (this is another group build project that should be winding down by Xmas).

So, as much as I hate being reckless and spending my "mulligan" right out of the gate, rather than put forces on the table that I won't be proud of (and wouldn't do the cool models justice) I going to regroup in the hopes of having a new unit ( or two) ready for the New Year.



  1. Gah! I got to wait another month to see you wonderful paint work on a completed mini 😕

  2. Plenty to look forwards to anyway!

  3. I think the Jetbikes need Kislevite wings!!!

  4. I wondered about those Eldar when the thumbnail popped up. I think we all want to see what you can do with the time to put them out to your standards. For me, I don't think the amount of time spent would have significantly improved my submission.


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