Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jeff's Dark Elves - March (200 points)

March did not go as planned, the kids' spring sports seasons starting up meant that "Dad's Taxi" was operating much later into the evening, and the distractions were many (Necromunda, I'm looking at you....). So, by the 25th it had become obvious that I was not going to finish the 20 strong unit of Mengil's Manhides as I had planned to.  While contemplating the dark shame of having to use my Mulligan, it occurred to me that I just might be able to turn the hydra I had planned for the end around pretty quickly.   I did manage to pull that off, (nothing terribly fancy, mind you), so here he is....200 points of plastic toy glory freshly painted and pressed into Oldhammer service.

He still shows a bit of his plastic toy heritage, but, I think he'll do nicely; as for the Manhides, I should be able get them finished off for April.  Here's a WIP shot for the curious.


  1. The Hydra looks great. Never would have guessed it's toy store figure.

  2. I got that one too for D&D, te were $5 at Targette! (it looks fancier that way)

    1. I feel bad now, I think I paid $10 for mine. (Ah, well...)

  3. That's an amazing result for a plastic mini. Well done!

  4. Great! That Hydra does not even look a plastic toy!

  5. Agree. And even if it did look like a toy, that's just extra Oldhammer points for you!

  6. Target had a bunch of useful looking plastics for awhile. I have a plastic Cyclops I bought at Michael's that I intend to use for the Giant in the siege scenario. Nicely done. Those Manhides are going to look sweet.


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