Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lissanne's High Elves- Waiting for Feanor or someone like him (279pts)

This month I have done my mandatory General on a chariot.  I have been calling him Feanor, but when it came down to it, I didn't think the figure I had represents Feanor well at all. So I matched the paint scheme to my army banner, and it will be a useful leader, or a hero if I find my Feanor later on. (General 160+4 for sword, spear, heavy armor, Chariot 84 total 248pt)

A good side effect is trying NMM, and finding it takes one minute and the results look better than those metallics.  I'll be doing NMM more carefully in the future.

Another Reaver, this one Kelegorm the fair, 3rd son of Feanor, on the hound of the Valar, Huan.  Apparently he rode him into battle until they had a falling out.  Did the fiddly shield, with bow and spear too. 31pts.

Which is all good since, because of the way we played back in the day, I am pretty sure my 2 bolt throwers cost only half what I thought, so I lost 100pts on the total.  My friends insisted they were underpriced in 4th and they probably were, so I played them at 100pts each.  (Didn't matter, I still won the few games I played.)
Still I top 1000 this month

total 279pts

Next month (my 'free' month) I want to finish up the last 3 Reavers, and maybe do 5 archers of the Heavenly Arch, as I am going to try to paint at least 1 member all 12 houses of Gondolin for our September Tolkien group's big meeting!


  1. Lovely. I like that reaver a lot. Very refreshing pallet.

  2. Love your take on that Champion and chariot! Awesome. ;)

  3. Very cool. Love the flame effect!

  4. Nice work, Lissanne! That Reaver if wonderful, I like the ride!

  5. Extra brownie points for green bases!

  6. Very nice, all these models bring me back to when I started with warhammer. I had the plastic 4th edition high elves and coveted the metal characters and command, but then lacked the funds to get them.

  7. These figures are gorgeous Lissanne. I really like the theme of your army and it is a real joy to behold on the table. Although I still think playing against Elves is frustrating. ;)


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