Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tom's High Elfs: Fop's Spearmen 216pts

March output:  Fop the Champion and 14 spearmen- 216 Pts

Equipment: Heavy Armor Shield, and Spears

This is my second unit of Spearmen which will anchor my defensive line.
I absolutely love Fop's helmet.  These 4th ed High Elf champs are so good.
 My plan for the mulligan month is to take a full army shot, and possibly do a comic report if I get a chance to get them on the table. ;)
 Till next month...and the finish line. ;)


  1. Wonderful brushwork Tom. I really like the blue treatment you've given the armour.

  2. Spearmen phalanxes look great, and those are no exception!

  3. These were the first warhammer figures I've ever painted. Never really been able to play that army. I like the skin tone.

  4. I've painted these for money years ago. You make me regret selling them. Is that shield freehand?

    1. THanks. Nope it's raised. I'd go crazy trying to freehand that many. LOL

  5. Solid. Great looking block of troops mate. Excellent white too.

  6. Great looking unit Airborne. I have a similar plan for April, maybe a baggage element as well.

  7. Magnificent! I think I will search my monopose HE, hidden somewhere in the basement, for next painting challenge!


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