Monday, May 7, 2018

A numbers wrap up of the OWAC

Here are the final stats of OWAC. It was a fun ride and I would do it again, just not soon....

I thought I'd point out a few things about the challenge that I gleaned from the spreadsheet I used for tracking progress.

We had 37 people enter the painting challenge. 27 made it out. We left 10 challengers on the field of battle, or we took 26% casualties. 10 challengers had real life get in the way and could not finish this journey. We now honor them as "the fallen". We had a good number barely make it across the finish line.

Those 27 challengers painted a total of 33141 points of Old World goodness. Points calculated using 3rd or 4th ed army lists. The average was 1227 points per person.

Overachievers - I think everyone went over the target goal of 1000 points. But the biggest offenders are John Bentley Scott Abbott Mustafa Bekir and Fredrick Kober. They all painted over 1500 points.

It was a rough road for some. We were allowed to miss one month (take a Mulligan) during the Challenge. Real life often gets in the way of our hobby so this allowed some leeway. 14 challengers took a Mulligan over the course of 6 months.

Evil wins the day. The break down in armies overwhelmingly favored evil by a margin of 2 to 1. Isn't Evil always more fun? We had 18 Evil armies make it to the finish line as opposed to 9 good armies. Chaos and Dark Elves were favored the most with 5 challengers each.

Now some honorable mentions,

John Bentley for painting the most points. 1869pts

Dave Lister for being closest to the target of 1000pts. He would win on the Price is Right.

Scott Abbott and Thomas Grove drew First Blood. They each submitted their first entry on Novemeber 17th 2017.

And lastly a BIG THANKS to Iannick Martin for herding this group of cats for the last 6 months. Also Chris Sabick for helping with Admin duties.

Cheers, the OWAC Statistician

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  1. I find looking at the stats to be very interesting. I tally my points at 1016 not 1210. Did you give me points for the wizards?


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