Monday, May 7, 2018

Lopez' Wrap-up : My Dark Elf Army Will Destroy You

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!

Who wants to get a game in? Let's do this!

After all the blood, sweat, and tears we've finally come to the end. I have to say the last few months really were a challenge, but I'm really happy I toughed it out to the end with over 1000 points of shiny evil elves. I really want to thank Iannick and all the admins who were the driving force behind the challenge. If not for their efforts, most of this stuff would still be sitting around collecting dust. Hats off to all the participants who stuck it out to the end. Hopefully we can meet up and slaughter each others forces. Before the showcase pics, lets start off with a little video I love.

First thing's first.. HERE'S THE ARMY! The fruits of the last 6 months labor of love, ready to pillage their way across the Old World. On a side note, all the pictures I've posted were taken with my smartphone camera and were edited using a free app called snapseed. Its been very hand as I can upload edited photos directly to blogger from my phone. TAKE THAT PHOTOBUCKET!

All the models were undercoated black and then oversprayed with white, leaving only a little black showing in the shadows. I normally apply a zenithal type of undercoat with black and white spray paint, but I applied a bit more white as I really wanted the colors to be as vibrant as possible. The scheme also matches my existing Dark Elf force.

My OWAC force, ready for action

I stuck with a limited palette to create a cohesive scheme across the entire army. There are enough red and purple accent colors to help tie together models that might not necessarily fit in with the majority of the force. I used some of the same reds and purples found across the army so that it would fit in. 

I'm really happy with how well my heroes turned out. The Marauder range has some really iconic models that were a treat to paint.

The colored metallics were created by mixing blue or green ink with Mithril Silver. The resulting mix can be very runny, so if you try it you should test it out before putting it one something important. Once it dried I gave the armor a similar colored glaze using the current GW washes. The wash helps define the color a bit more and creates some depth. The base color was then applied again to highlight the armor. Character models received an additional edge highlight of pure silver to help them stand out.

I'm very pleased  with the way the pale flesh worked out. Even though this army would have crossed the ocean to get to the New World, I think the pale flesh really accentuates their elfish-ness. Maybe Elves don't get tan. Who knows?

I had mentioned earlier that the force I painted for this challenge would be growing an existing Dark Elf force... and since I had set up terrain and light for glamour shots I figured I might as well dig out the entire thing and snap some pictures. So here you have my entire Dark Elf army.

Pale skinned sadists from across the sea

I haven't figured out the points on the whole army yet, but I'm very happy with what I have so far. I currently have three versions of my general: One on Cold One, one foot version, and one mounted on the Dragon.

My plans to expand this army are pretty achievable and I've set a goal of completing them by the end of the year. Between now and December this is what I plan on adding to the force:

5x Warriors with Double handed weapons, standard and musician
5x Witch Elves to bring the regiment size to 20
5x Warriors with hand weapon and shield to bring the regiment to 20
1x Level 5 hero to accompany the Witch Elves

I could probably knock out 16 models in a month, but I kind of want to take a month break before jumping back into Dark Elves. I do plan on fielding this army against my old nemesis, Black Vasken, in June. I want to beef up these units so they don't get ground up as easily by mounted Chaos Marauders and that pesky troll, Nigel.

Finally, I want to say congratulations to everyone who stuck it out and finished the challenge. I also want to take the opportunity to throw down the gauntlet and challenge Kober, Blue, Airborne, and Sean to battle my now-invincible army. But really, I will take on all challengers. To all my Euro-pals, I have a guest room. Bring your army. I will feed you and give you booze to help sooth the sorrow in your heart after I crush your forces. Thanks again to the organizers, without whom this next photo would not have been possible.

I'm frowning because I'm not killing anything.


  1. Great army and hilarious video!

  2. Awesome army M8...but they will lose every time they play me. You can't defeat my mete!

  3. Boom! Fantastic little addition to your main force. You did a great job of keeping things cohesive. I'm looking forward to the various battles we will have with these armies, although I don't know if I can pull off a victory with my Bretonnians. My style is very Orky. The video is very funny.

  4. BOOM, up the entire rest of the world's ASS.

  5. Very nice! Marauder DE's are the best!

  6. Nice, crisp and very detailed army, gorgeous.

  7. That's a big army! Great work on the addition!

    Also, you can thank the Challenge: Thomas now has a High Elf force and will have to play you with something else than unstopabble Chaos. You're welcome

  8. Fantastic looking force Lope! Well done...they will look good as they are rapidly added to the pile of corpses littering the table edges...:)

  9. That is a great looking army. Thanks for the tips on the metallics, maybe it's not new to anyone else, but I have never tried that method. I appreciate it.

    Secondly, that video is one of the raddest things ever. and the candid moments after the credits made it even funnier. I'm still laughing.

  10. That is beautiful work you have done!!

  11. Well done, great work!

    Is that serpenine dragon?

    1. It's a Dragon Masters dragon. I got it from an Australian nobleman

  12. Cracking stuff. Totally agree with your comment on the marauder heroes - some of the nicest figs GW ever did

  13. Congratulations on a great looking army and a very entertaining blog entry!

  14. Your army of pansies looks cool Lope, can't wait to see their bloodied corpses smeared all over the battlefield.

    And that video, it's gold brother, pure gold :)

  15. Wow, awesome force! You did a really oldhammerish army, congratulations for your achievement! May gods of war place many enemies against your army to fight and win!


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