Sunday, May 13, 2018

Blue's Wood Elves...The Final Army Pics + Bonus Figure!

What a long strange trip it has been!!  

...But it has been fun and productive...I deem the Old World Army Challenge to be a big success personally.  I've cranked through more figures in the last six months than I have in quite awhile.  I'm a notoriously slow painter and the challenge has really motivated me to be productive.   

I'm already planning next 1000 point force for the next challenge. 

But!  Now is not the time to talk about the future and "other armies!!!" 

Now is the time to talk about what has been accomplished over the last six months!

It was quite an experience to finally fully assemble the army on a proper terrain board and take some pics to share.  I always find army photography to be kind of a pain in the ass...and this time proved no different! (I need to make a dedicated photo set up and terrain board for photography!) But after trying twice I was able to get a decent set of pictures that document this army well.

Here we go!

The Army of Sarthayer the Enforcer.

Sarthayer's small but potent Wood Elf army patrols the fringes of Elven territory in the thick woodlands the Humans call Drakenvald Forest.  This fast moving and hard hitting force protects the northern margins of the forest where the trees fade away into the grass covered foot hills of the World's Edge Mountains.  Calum Pass, the Notch, and other lesser known pathways through the mountains, allow goblin raiders from the other side of the mountains to make occasional forays into Elven territory.  It is the job of Sarthayer and his army to detect these intruders, track them, and if possible destroy them.  Sarthayer's ruthless efficiency as a war leader, and his penchant for grisly war trophies, have earned him the nickname the Enforcer.

Sarthayer the Enforcer
lvl 10 Hero with Warhorse                   98 points

Zolvos the Wise
lvl 10 Wood Elf Mage                           110 points

Hend-o Isha (Eyes of Isha) (Warrior Kinband)
Odannac lvl 5 hero
15 Warriors                                             226 points

Lhun Gurth (Blue Death) (Lords Bowmen)
Ishtar Iron Hand lvl 5 hero
13 Wood Elf Archers                              278 points

Dinen Tir (Silent Watchers) (Wood Riders)
Tholnor the Silent lvl 5 Hero
6 Wood Elf Mounted archers              210 points

RaDag and his Boars (Animal handler)
6 War boars                                               49 points

Asar-o Glam (Wardancer troope)
7 Wood Elf Wardancers                         168 points 

Point Total: 1,139 Points


Zolvos (When I received this mini in the mail I HAD to paint it and add it to this force immediately!!)


Hend-o Isha (Eyes of Isha)

 Lhun Gurth (Blue Death)

Dinen hend (Silent Eye)
RaDag and his Boars 
Asar-o Glam

Here are a few more random shots that I took while I had the board set up

And here is the obligatory Warhammer Armies "Pose" 

I was trying to channel Kev Adams "pose"...but my Old man face kept getting in the
There you have it.  This has been a great force to work on and I'm very happy with how they have turned out.  I'm really looking forward to getting them on the table ASAP.  I may continue to add a few things to this army...and continue to flesh out its fluff...once it has been blooded it will have its own stories to tell.

Thanks to all of you for coming along for this fun ride.  All the participants have been a real pleasure to share this challenge with and I look forward to motivating each other through another challenge soon.




  1. I wish I could paint like that, awesome army!

  2. Freaking amazing army. I, too, struggle with the photography aspect of things but the quality of pics you got there is awesome

    1. Much far as the photos I think I need to build a dedicated space for "army" photography...with proper overhead light and backdrop...not I just need to find the time and space to do that...:)

  3. Amazing work as always. Now let's play some games.

  4. Those are great! And the new mage is wonderful!

    1. Thanks Lissanne! That mage figure is a variant of the one that came with the Chariot and when it floated by I had to buy it and paint it immediately!

  5. Congratulations on an amazing looking army. Those old Wood Elf models are filled with character and your painting really accentuates that.

    1. Cheers~! yeah Jess Goodwin certainly packed these full of great character.

  6. Fantastic Army shots Blue! I love your trees and that you snuck the Monolith in. I got the Kev Adams pose immediately. All around a great job.

    1. Thanks Sean! Yeah had to include the Monolith! ...cause it rises ABOVE!! :)

  7. Beautiful! Amazing job in 6 months!

  8. Great looking army Blue!

    But one minor critique with the Kev Adams pose. Your head is not on the table. That's where the Goblin master's head was in Armies. So therefore you failed. Do it again :P

    As for backdrops, the future is beaches man. Trust me :D

    Kidding aside, your army really does look splendid, especially on the board that you made. The bases and the tabletop blend in seamlessly, which is not the case in most situations.

    Hopefully we'll get to kill each others pretend warriors one day.

    Cheers mate :)

    1. Cheers Papa!! I had my wife take the "Army" shot...and of course she got all into it and took like 200 shots...this was the only decent one...I have a face for Radio! :)

  9. Very nice Blue, congratulations. I really like what you did with the wardancers.

  10. Absolutely stunning. You killed it.

  11. What an amazing force of pointy eared gitz! Bravo sir.

  12. Fantastic force Chris! I love the earthy colours you used, bravo!

  13. Absolutely amazing mate. One of the stand out armies in my opinion.

  14. Absolutely stunning! This sets the gold standard for OWAC in my opinion :)


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