Monday, February 11, 2019

Paul's Gribbly Beasts of Nurgle - Month Two (200 pts)

Howdy folks, is it month two already? Blimey!

My February is completely crazy work wise so rather than have to take my Mulligan I'm getting an early start on what should be an easy month and drafting this post and getting started on painting on Feb. 3rd. Let's see how long it takes me to actually get things finished... (it was 10th Feb for the record)

This month I am painting the leader of my WFB 4th Edition Nurgle Warband. In games he/she/they will be a Shaman Lord, but for the purposes of this challenge I'm counting it as a Beastman Lord for a cool 200pts.

The model itself is 'The Watcher', by Lewis Collins, and was the winner of the first Oldhammer Sculpting Group Competition. I've made one small change to the way Lewis intended the model to look in that I've added the tail from the mutant bird to the back of the Watcher itself (with a bit of added green stuff to make it look like it pokes out the back of the robes). I think the bird is brilliantly twisted enough on it's own imho, and the tail adds an extra bovine feel that helps with the Beastman vibe for my Warband.

The Watcher watches. There are visions to be gleaned in the coiling, oily, smoke of the votive fire. He smiles at what the fire reveals.

The purple vortex of the portal yawns behind him. He has taken a risk stepping through to this other realm, but his second sight has shown him there are other servants of the Grandfather to be gathered here, to this place called Goathill. 

"An apt name..." The Watcher muses as the braying calls of his minions returning with the daemonic beasts in tow carry on the wind. The two-headed vulture familiar on it's arm shifts in anticipation. Soon yet more beastial minions would gather, he could see their grotesque shapes shifting in the smoke. 

The greasy pall of smoke snaked away through the night air. The Watcher knew it would find it's way to these, and other chaotic beasts, summoning them to his banner. The only question was how soon they would arrive.

I'm thinking March will feature Minotaurs, and probably some more Beastmen as I hope to have more time to paint and want to get the miniature count back up.

Bon courage fellow challengers - may the blessings of the Grandfather be upon you! (so that you get sick days off work and can paint as much as you want ;) )


  1. I loved that fig in the contest, and it is great to see it painted up well!

  2. That's a very nice model! Nice yellow, too, and I like the woodwork on the staff!

    1. Thanks Iannick - the yellow is base coated in Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather then Bubonic Brown (all Citadel Hex Pots) then highlighted in Ice Yellow from Vallejo model colour. Wash was a mix of Citadel Yellow Ink and Army Painter Soft Tone. The woodwork is base coated with Rhinox Hide and then dry brushed with Dheneb Stone with a Strong Tone wash.

  3. That's a nice model and very well painted!

    1. Many thanks Arjen - I really enjoyed this one :)

  4. Great job painting that miniature. Very cool to see something from the sculpting challenge in the OWAC.

  5. Cool looking figure. Great way to plan ahead. The story is good too.


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