Sunday, May 26, 2019

Nathan's How a mulligan saved my May (201 points)

The post says it all really - I reckon if I hadn’t taken a mulligan in April I would have struggled to finish the required figures in May. Having a number of figures nearly finished in April though made May pretty easy which, given my sporadic efforts this month, is a good thing. Anyway enough crapping on from me - here are the figures I did plus their points values:

- 5 hobyars with double handed weapons 50 points
- rocket launcher with two additional crew 70 points
- 6 mourngul renegades with shields and light armour 48 points
- level 5 champion for the renegades with light armour and a shield 33 points

Grand total 201 points. Here they are:


  1. Man that rocket launcher is weird and sweet!

  2. Sweet hobgoblins man. My favorites are the ones in last picture. So many cool sculpts. Can't wait to see your 2 units as whole regiments.

  3. These are great! Just one more month to go!

  4. This army is fantastic. You’ve gotten my brain going on doing my rocket launcher.

  5. I still slightly in awe that you are doing a whole Hobgoblin force for the challenge - love it! Those Hobyars in particular look mean! :D

  6. Great looking figures. Judicious use of the mulligan.


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