Friday, November 24, 2017

Clarence's (Quindia Studios) Slann Spawn Band - 228 points

Spawn Bands form the majority of warrior slann and are drawn from local jungle settlements or districts of a town. All Slann are obliged to perform a length of military duty in these bands. Those that distinguish themselves in battle may rise to one of the elite orders of Slann warriors...

Done and Dusted! My first unit for the Old World Army Challenge, R'Bit Skullbreaker's Skullbreakers, is complete. Actually it's been complete for a week now, but I hadn't had the chance to photograph it until yesterday as I wanted to set up on terrain rather than the 'bluescreen' on my painting desk. The photo above includes a single model I painted last year when I first got the models so the unit is 238 points, but the total for the challenge this month is 15 models for 228 points...

14 Spawn Band Warriors with Shields and Standard (150pts)
R'Bit Skullbreaker, level 10 hero with Shield (78 points)


My original intent was not to include a character in this unit, but in this tiny army the Spawn Band is one of two battalions that anchor my center and it won't do to have them leg it at the first sign of trouble. Giving them a level 10 hero will boost their Leadership to 9. He's also dead hard with a Weapon Skill and Toughness of 5 and snappy dresser with his skull helmet and Eagle Warrior britches which adds an extra level of badassery to this unit. Finally, it will let me include some sort of magic weapon in games.

The standard is an Aztec bit from Wargames Foundry and works well, though I missed designing a crazy heraldic banner. It just seemed to fit the theme better. I painted the jaguar pattern on his tracksuit to make him stand out a bit more and practice for the Jaguar Warrior band I have waiting in the wings.

I used the art from Warhammer Armies as the inspiration for the skin tones on these models. Slann from different tribes have different coloration and markings. They are mostly earth tones (all GW paints), with the XV-88 combo as the majority:

XV-88 (Base)
Agrax Earthshade (Shade)
Balor Brown (Layer)
Zamesi Desert (Layer)

XV-88 (Base)
Reikland Fleshshade (Shade)
Tau Light Ochre (Layer)
Ungor Flesh (Layer)

Zandri Dust (Base)
Seraphim Sepia (Shade)
Ushabti Bone (Layer)
Screaming Skull (Layer)

For further variation, the shades were used interchangeably. A green guy snuck in there too and when I expand the unit to 20 models I'll probably mix in a couple more.

So, it's great to actually manage to keep up so far. I paint fast so I wasn't worried about that part, but my free time can sometimes be limited and actually sitting down at the painting desk can occasionally be a challenge. Next month is going to be busy with end of the year work stuff and the holidays so I'm going to choose one of my smaller units - either my Bull Slann Riders or my Wizard on a litter - but so far so good.

I'm enjoying seeing the other armies come together too. Great work from everyone. Keep it up!


  1. These are outstanding Clarence! Truly inspiring. ;)

  2. Awe man! They're gorgeous Clarence. My Norse are bundling some dwarfs into a caravel as we speak give us a month and we'll be on your shores stealing your spawn!

    1. Eww.. stealing them for what? I didn’t know the Norse were into that...

  3. Oh man.... that standard bearer is inspiring. Great work! I'm over the moon that you decided to paint Slann!

  4. Gorgeous stuff mate. I really like the mottled pattern you have used on the shields too.

  5. Pink...turquoise...Love those colours!

  6. These are absolutely glorious! The first photo of them with the reflections in the water is brilliant.

  7. Really a great job! I never had the chance to see them so close, these are very good sculpts!

  8. Just piling on with the praise. It is really great to see proper Slann getting your technique applied to them. I'll have to steal those skin recipes and see if I can't make my Slann Palanquin rider or the space slann I have coming look just as good. Although in my world I did them more like poison dart frogs, or some other kind of tree frog.

  9. You'd be hard pressed to find a better painted unit of Slann. Brilliantly completed with the standard bearer as well.

    Killing it :)


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