Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ross' Let the shambles begin! (200pts)

My first month felt a little too easy. Mummies are 50 points each and very easy to paint. So, 4 models done in one sitting on 1st November doesn't feel like much of an achievement.

I run mummies as units of 20 in Kings of War, so I will be sneaking in another 8 models outside the challenge to fill this particular movement tray. I textured and painted the tray to make myself feel a little more effort-worthy.

However, I have had a very busy month, as I've been preparing for and running a Kickstarter. Typically enough, it includes some undead models which may well end up in this army.

For next month I decided to flip to cheaper models and balance out the model count a bit!

24 Skeletons are on the desk, ready to go!


  1. Easiest...200pts...ever

    I envy you! Nice work on the Mummies, I love the real old school mummies. Looking forward to the skellies

  2. Old school mummies rock! I really like your movement trays too. Do you make them or buy them?

  3. Having just painted 24 miniatures in puffed and slashed renaissance style uniform I am insanely jealous :-)

  4. Great mummies! Easy to paint, difficult to bring down!

  5. Nice Mummies. Don't feel bad about the model count at all. The list dictates what the points values are. Nice work on the movement tray. I look forward to seeing the skeletons.

  6. You can never have enough Undead. You did a wonderful job on the mums


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