Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blake's Dwarf Crossbowmen February List (312pts)

Wow, after the mulligan, This month sure seemed to go by quick. I'm posting images of my first unit of crossbowmen. I'm on the deadline, so quick and dirty photos. But 24 crossbowmen at 13 points a piece is 312 points.

By the Warhammer Armies Lists these are a required unit, so I'm building towards the full army. I did get some paint on some other figures, the other crossbowmen, the goblobber and I'll be using them month when I get them done.

But here is the 24 dwarfs

Here are some closer pics - again forgive the phone shots, I'll try to get better ones later but it won't be by Saturday.


  1. Nice add to the army. I did a dwarf army last summer and getting in the required troops is a bear.

  2. We need better pics, but they look really good.


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