Friday, February 15, 2019

Lissanne's Chaos Demons- Cheerleaders of Chaos! (205 pts)

Another relatively easy month for me, before I start the big, complex pieces

Let's start with the last 2 Flamers of Elias' 6 Flamer band, for 100 pts.

Which I put in a rectangular movement base for forms sake.  And that is all of them, this unit is done!

And so, onward to some cheerleaders of Slaanesh,   And by Cheerleaders, I mean Demonettes. With the exception of Ignatz the boss, the rest of what I plan to paint seems to be rather Slaaneshy too.

I have a unit of 10 of Tony Ackland's original RoC Demonettes, sculpted by Jes Godwin and Mike Perry.  They began life with one breast to show they were hermaphroditic,  that's it.  Which is pretty pathetic if you think about it.  Don't create a depraved and perverse army if you are a PG company.   But since they did, I added the other breast and the parts GW couldn't on all my Demonettes to better illustrate them properly.  They are supposed to be super attractive, so since I am already altering them, I am making them more manga girls than bald bondage maidens.  Here is the catalogue pic for the purists.
I had mentioned I play D&D, actually I started out long, long ago painting my friends minis for that game (and still do).  'Here, you're an artist- you paint these!'  and lead was first thrust at me.   If you paint D&D minis, you start converting nearly as soon as you start painting, because everyone wants something to better match their character.  Fix the weapon, fix the hair, fix the clothes, etc  So I often find it hard NOT to convert.  I have noticed people feel strongly about this, one way or the other, but I am firmly in the cut-em-up and green stuff camp.

On their original catalogue page you can see they seem to have been given names, also pretty dull.  So I will give them all new ones as I go along.  Lewdfang -now Snaketongue, Fiendthrob -now Mohawk Mama, and Fleshthrob -now Sally Satan- (although her expression came out like 'Oh Lucy, what have you done now...)  As I only have 6 different sculpts in my stash, one being the unnamed 'Miss 13' who was added a little later, this will help with diversity, so each can have their own special sexy style.  And I am greatly enjoying painting them, although I wasn't sure at first I would.

And fluff...
Attracted to the spectacular 'attributes' of Ignatz, and since neither he nor the Flamers were the least bit interested in pursuing any fleeing villagers while they were busy creating havoc....these opportunistic demonettes have become sort of camp followers. They make sure no fun toys (or tasty tidbits) leave the vicinity of the ongoing atrocity, and are always lively cheerleaders urging the band ever onward to more mayhem!

Mohawk Mama is a strong leader, and always the first to think of a new game to play with the toys!  Just looking at her, you can see she up for anything.

Snaketongue is the plain girl of the group, and usually has to settle for the leftovers.  She is rather quiet with a black sense of humor.  Her sword is reserved for those who joke about her looks.

Sally Satan is a new recruit, a blessed ex-victim, and a bit unsure of what she should be doing.  But she is pretty enough she can always find a willing playmate!  The whims of Slaanesh are strange...

2 Flamers 50pts each
3 Demonettes 35 pts each
205 pt total

Next month I hope to do 2 Dragon Ogres, another demonette or three, and more work on Ignatz.  My hope is to get better at painting tiny faces, and get to practice some techniques I learnt online to improve my figure painting!  We will see...

Relatively slow going too, because I am trying to do Karandras for the 20 year challenge- my last old Phoenix lord to be painted.  I'm a sucker for challenges, but no more till the OWAC ends.  I really want to paint lots of demons!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tom's Dwarfs - Slayers! (202pts)

Ooh - month two! And a second shot at writing this all out, as for some reason this post didn't save first time round. *weeps

However, fortunately, this month sees me paint the unit I've been looking forward to the most: SLAYERS, and I don't mind looking at them all again!

Here they are:

This dude with the massive axe was a little odd, as his face was not as detailed as the others. He's also got an enviable forearm girth... This chap on the left has his top tied by the sleeves around his waist, which I thought was a really nice touch...

Throbbin Death Eye here pictured on the left is one of the dwarf Lords of Legend. He makes a good slayer, although it does seem as if he's been shot with an arrow to the beard. Someone obviously will have to pay.
The dude on the right is just very, very upset.

I loved painting the large guy on the right. He's probably my favourite of the bunch. The left oine...not so much.

Kimril Giant Slayer is a dwarf hungry for giants, and also a L:ord of Legend whereas this guy on the right has just seen it all and perfected the 1000 yard stare...

Another slayer - on the left, and a butt naked one on the right. Thankfully he has a modesty cloth.... Most likely he could also do with some tattoos, but I'm not brave enough just yet!

Another very, very upset dwarf. He might be upset because I dropped him on the floor and chipped the paint off his nose... The dude on the right looks like someone at some point chopped off Kimril's mohawk. Who know?

Here's a shot of the similar sculpts all together:

And a glorious shot of them all!

I've also been painting other non-slayer type figures. 
Most notably this wizarding Gnome (painted for this challenge, but also painted for the facebook Middlehammer groups monthly painting challenge). Challenge. Lots of challenges.

On a magical theme, I also painted up this dwarf wizard:

He was in amongst a bunch of figures at my LFGS, and was sold at the princely sum of 50p.
He completes* my collection of Citadel wizards - here he is amongst them all:

This collection of models is very special to me, as it represents a turning point in my painting. I didn't lose any enthusiasm for painting them when I was in the middle of painting them (which so often happens). They painted up relatively quickly (just over an hour or so each), and they photographed really well! I'm very proud of them, and they're usually the first thing I'll show others if they ever ask me what I do for a hobby (yet to happen).

Also, I have found that dwarfs like treasure.
Here's some treasure:

Looking at this treasure, it seems the big pile could do with some grass or something to soften the edges...

Also, I have found that they have a great love for food
Here's some food:

The spit roast will be a stand in for The Meat, cooked by the Chef who is part of the Goblobber crew. Hopefully they'll make an appearance in March, as they're on the painting table at the moment...

Talking about painting, A few friends of mine have just recently started back into Blood Bowl, and they're painting some teams up for the first time since they were kids (so like...25yrs ago). I joined them, and was surprised at how my own painting habits have changed.

My friends set up was exactly how I used to paint as a kid. Lots of super tiny brushes, a desklamp and dining room light, a tiny jam jar and a big palette. To me, now, this feels all wrong.
I usually use three largish looking brushes, a massive pickled gerkin jar for washing them in, and greaseproof paper as a palette. I don't use a wet palette, (but I most likely would if I was painting one model to a mush higher standard). I use the greaseproof paper over and over, so it's really stiff from paint.  The bigger water jar lets me easily thoroughly wash my brushes. 

Actually, here's a pic of my brushes:

The first one is my CHAMPION. It's a Rosemary and Co #1. I do everything with it. Base, wash, layer and details. Eyes and everything. Much love.

The second is my metal paint and small drybrush brush. I think it's a WAMP detail brush.

The last one is a super cheap synthetic for large, textured surfaces, or larger drybrushing

Next month I'll take a pic of my painting station - it's probably not the usual set up. But then again, it's what works for me. Aaaanyhow - more on that next month.

Aaaaand, talking of next month, I'll most likely be painting up a unit of Warriors and a war engine of some kind. I'll also probably paint a few EXTRAS too.
I took a pic of some more extras that I might paint along the way. Here they are:

Keen eyes will see I've already painted some of the treasure up... 
I put them on this months White Dwarf, as a kind of datestamp. No pre-painted models here please!

Look at that cannon! It's one I never found as a kid, but saw in the battle reports at the time. As a heads up, it's still available from Foundry but DOES NOT come with an axle to fix the wheels to.
Props to Jaeckel for pointing this out in his blog Jaeckel Alone. (If you've not seen his dwarfs you need to stop, search it out and go look at them.'s a link. Click it!)

So, wrapping up!

January saw:
Crossbowmen 130points
Bolt Thrower 54points
Warriors 33points

February sees:
Slayers  202points
Pony handler

I note that I neglected to show the pony handler. I'll rectify that now:

See - I've added some string to act as a rope. I'd like to take them off this base, and create a vignette. Most likely it'll be a skeleton rising up behind the handler and startling the horse. It would make for a nice memorial piece, as Iannick's (founder of the OWAC) army has skeletons in.

Here's a pic of all the counted, painted models so far!

And look at that there, in the top right hand corner. That there is my kitchen table. To create this shot, I have angled some A4 paper on some of my priming spray cans (Hycote plastic primer - grey, available from The Range), arranged models on it. Then I've awkwardly angled my daylight lamp at it with one hand whilst taking a pic on my phone with the other.
Anyhow, jobs a good un (or good enough at least!)

See you all next month for more Dwarf goodies :)


*citation needed. I already see some more in amongst the extras pile....

Monday, February 11, 2019

Paul's Gribbly Beasts of Nurgle - Month Two (200 pts)

Howdy folks, is it month two already? Blimey!

My February is completely crazy work wise so rather than have to take my Mulligan I'm getting an early start on what should be an easy month and drafting this post and getting started on painting on Feb. 3rd. Let's see how long it takes me to actually get things finished... (it was 10th Feb for the record)

This month I am painting the leader of my WFB 4th Edition Nurgle Warband. In games he/she/they will be a Shaman Lord, but for the purposes of this challenge I'm counting it as a Beastman Lord for a cool 200pts.

The model itself is 'The Watcher', by Lewis Collins, and was the winner of the first Oldhammer Sculpting Group Competition. I've made one small change to the way Lewis intended the model to look in that I've added the tail from the mutant bird to the back of the Watcher itself (with a bit of added green stuff to make it look like it pokes out the back of the robes). I think the bird is brilliantly twisted enough on it's own imho, and the tail adds an extra bovine feel that helps with the Beastman vibe for my Warband.

The Watcher watches. There are visions to be gleaned in the coiling, oily, smoke of the votive fire. He smiles at what the fire reveals.

The purple vortex of the portal yawns behind him. He has taken a risk stepping through to this other realm, but his second sight has shown him there are other servants of the Grandfather to be gathered here, to this place called Goathill. 

"An apt name..." The Watcher muses as the braying calls of his minions returning with the daemonic beasts in tow carry on the wind. The two-headed vulture familiar on it's arm shifts in anticipation. Soon yet more beastial minions would gather, he could see their grotesque shapes shifting in the smoke. 

The greasy pall of smoke snaked away through the night air. The Watcher knew it would find it's way to these, and other chaotic beasts, summoning them to his banner. The only question was how soon they would arrive.

I'm thinking March will feature Minotaurs, and probably some more Beastmen as I hope to have more time to paint and want to get the miniature count back up.

Bon courage fellow challengers - may the blessings of the Grandfather be upon you! (so that you get sick days off work and can paint as much as you want ;) )

Monday, February 4, 2019

The OWAC II starts with a BANG

January, the first month of the OWAC II, is officially over, and wow what a way to start this Challenge! I am really impressed by both the quantity and quality of miniatures submitted. If this is any indication of what's to come, I think we are in for a treat!

Also of note, we only lost one member to the Field of Bones, which is a vast improvement over last year!

So a big congratulations to all standing Challengers, it was an awesome start.

Get ready for February bitches, the hardest month of the Challenge, with only 28 days! 

And btw, Mulligan are now fair game. Just remember you only get one, just it wisely.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Iannick's Gggg-ghosts!!!!!!! (250pts)

Johann leads his battalion forward to the left flank, as ordered by his colonel. He doesn't understand the order, as the left flank seems completely empty. Still, he appreciates not having to fight those disgusting zombies on the right flank or those soulless skeletons in the center. Suddenly, a chilling wind blows through the plain, seeping through every fold of his uniform; he can see the misty breath of his soldiers as they all shudder. 

Translucent, greenish forms appear around the Stirland spearmen, at first dancing between the soldiers like a ballet of the dead.  Johann shouts to his men to avoid looking at the unholy things, but already it is too late. Around him, men die like flies, their faces frozen in unspeakable terror. He hears the deafening sound of gun powder next to him: Albrecht, his trusted standard bearer, just took out his pistol and shot himself. The lucky few who haven't lost their lives have now lost their reason and run like madmen across the plain.

And for the first time in his career, Johann does the same. Twenty years in the infantry, fighting orcs, chaos, beastmen, only to end up running from the dead. The Stirland sergeant always knew he would die on the battlefield, but he doesn't want to go. God, not like this. Not without a fight, not without visible wounds. Turning around to have a last look at his massacred battalion, he doesn't see the large scythe in front of him, swinging for his neck.

The last thing Johann Weber sees, his head laying on the grass near his lifeless body, is the ghostly form of a hooded creature, death incarnate, standing coldly above him. The Wraith looks around the battlefield, floating toward its next victim, not realizing it answered the Stirland Sergeant's dying wish, and offered him a soldier's death.

A small month for me to start the challenge, with only three figures. As someone who painted goblins last year, this is new territory!

My plan was always to ease into this year's challenge with my Ethereal Host. Mostly because January is always a difficult month for me, time wise, and even more so this year as I got visited by Nurgle, like most of the OWAC Northeasterners apparently. I also went a bit differently this year and started the basecoat on a few units, figuring the next months might be more fun that way. 

So for this month we have three Ethereal creatures, making up my Host. The original plan called for two, but I had some extra time and well, three looks like a small Host, two is just a duo! 

I got tempted by the latest fad and did that green Ethereal effect. I've always been puzzled by how to do proper ghosts and well this is the best look i've seen. For all the shit I give GW for many of their new models, I have to admit their new technical paints and washes are superb products. In this case I used Nihilakh Oxide mixed with Lahmian medium over a Ionrach Skin base, and then highlighted with Ionrach skin and Deepkin Flesh. It's pretty rare actually that I use almost exclusively GW paints on a figure, my paints of choice being Foundrys and Andreas.

For a very first try with no tests beforehand I am quite happy with my results! I wanted the Host to tie together so all three figures were painted the same way. Yeah, my Wraith ain't black, big deal.

They look a bit better in "the flesh". It's really hard to get good pictures of such light coloured painting, harder than I thought it would be. 

The Wraith is from Foundry's (now carried by their sister company Warmonger) fantasy Undead range, and I will admit preferring it to Citadel Oldhammer Wraith. It's huge, and I find the chains and the skeleton very evocative of what a Wraith is. It also looks like a 150pts creature. 
Then we have two ghosts to round up the Host. One is an absolute classic and maybe my favourite undead model from the era. He was originally sold as a "Headless Ghost", part of the Night Horrors range. I love how he came out, and had a ton of fun painting him.

The last ghost is obviously from the same range as the Wraith, a smaller version. He's the add-on figure I painted in the last day of the month. It's a cute figure and I will use it as another Ghost.

I used round bases as it seemed more evocative of the wandering nature of ghosts and ethereals in Warhammer. 

  • 2 Ghosts : 100 pts
  • 1 Wraith : 150 pts
Total : 250pts

Next month I'd like to start painting the "meat" (or rather "bones") of the army, with hopefully my first regiment of skellies. I'm waiting for a command figure, I just hope I receive it in time. 

But don't worry folks numbers are coming!

Blue's January Contingent-Puff and Slash Dwarfs (199pts)

Hi all,

Right up to the last minute possible as usual...but I pulled it all together.  January is always difficult one for me due to the fact that we have the holidays and then I always have my professional conference, which typically cost me a week alone.  I hope that the next few month roll along a bit more easily.

Here are this months figures!!  I chose to start with a batch of the pikemen and their leader.  These guys are painted with the typical Red and Blue scheme that I used for my Puff and slash Empire Dwarf Army...however, with this unit I have stepped up tertiary color in my scheme, white, to a larger degree,  this will further separate them from the other pike block which has let white involved.

The other thing that differentiates this pike block from the other is that I've upgraded these guys to "clansmen" (+1 shock elite) and given them heavy armor.  The armor shows up mostly in the Sallet helmets...and in the breastplates worn by some of the troopers.

The unit looks a little puny at the moment...but when this has grown to a unit of 21 it will be quite impressive.

( I hope)

Here is the points break down
  1. 8 Dwarf Clansmen with Heavy Armor, Pike, and Hand Weapon (13pts each) --104pts
  2. 1-10 level hero, Heavy Armor, Hand Weapon , 2x pistol. - -95 pts
January Submission Total: 199pts.

See you all in February!!!



Ratwig's Dark Elf Shadows (200 pts)

My first installment is a unit of 10 x Shadows for a total of 200 points. They have all the additives: light armor, shield and repeater crossbow. I added brass rod for bowstrings and some crossbows were modified into repeater crossbows with one troop performing a reload. I kept the colors muted as they are supposed to be dressed in “twilight colors that merge with the shade”.  The brown/grey splinter pattern for their shields kind of got washed out in the light after ink wash and dry-brushing, but I kind of like the way they turned out anyway.

Preparing the next batch of figs for paint.
Ran out of Jack… the horror!
Ratwig out

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