Thursday, June 7, 2018

Closing words : 1st edition of the OWAC

Last summer I met with Chris, to play a game of Oldhammer. IT was then we discussed the idea of an Oldhammer painting challenge. I was searching for my Oldhammer mojo, with me working on different projects like Epic, skirmish Sc-Fi, etc. and I wanted it back. Some kind of peer pressure activity would surely help, right?

It also happens that I love painting challenges (I'm part of the Analogue Challenge every winter). You get to help one another, meet new gamers, gain inspiration and, most importantly, THEY ACTUALLY WORK. Yes, where motivation (and lazyness) is often the issue for us gamers, painting challenges are a proven remedy, and apparently nothing lights a fire under a miniature painter's ass more than competition (and facing the shame of his peers). 

Officially slated for a few gamers, 12 at most, it just snowballed from there and before I knew it we were 36 and I had to refuse people! It turned out like an international event, too, with people from Italy and Ireland all the way to Japan!

The beginnings were a lot of work, to explain the concept and all, but also because many members were "Facebook" people and never used Blogger. Starting a challenge with that many people wasn't easy. 

But then challengers started getting in a groove, and it ran more smoothly. It got real fun, even if challenging. And, if after the 2nd months I got a bit afraid of our drop-out rates, it stabilized after that and I'm real proud we got 26 challengers at the finish line.

So was it a success? Hell yeah it was. Beyond my wildest expectations, in fact. I love seeing the (now) OWAC veterans already planning their next challenge, thinking about their armies, etc. and I hope the challenge eventually becomes a special moment of the year for all involved. As I mentionned on Facebook, there's a guaranteed spot for every victors of the challenge next time around.

Now, I did take notes, and there's gooing to be a few changes for the next round, although nothing major. 

I want to thank Clarence for the logo, Thomas, Chris and Colin on the Admin jobs., and all of the challengers who participated in the challenge, whether you reached the end or not! This fun 6 months ride was possible because of all of you!

See you all in November, December or January (I haven't made up my mind yet), and get ready for round 2!

Keep painting,
Your benevolent Overlord

Nathan's slann army

Finally got of my arse and took some pics of my slann army. I won't go through the points value of hat I painted as one could check my other posts for that. I will note that the pics include 4 troglodytes that I painted prior to the challenge and 2 slann and one lizardman that I've painted since. My plan over the next few months is to do a few figures a month to beef the force up to a level where I could use it in a game against some of the other warhammer armies that I have painted. Anyway here are the pics:

Me wearing my 1980s era Fitzroy jumper - fits the topic I reckon!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ratwig's Close Out Report

This was my first successful painting challenge. I enjoyed it as I mostly had enough time to get my painting in prior to the monthly deadlines. Really only came close to mulligan once, on the last entry.

I painted up 1632 points of Dark Elves total. This ended up being higher than my original estimate of 1500 due to changes in two units, the second crossbow unit receiving extra troops, a character and repeater crossbows and the Doomsteeds receiving crossbows. If I add a magic user and magic items to the army it goes to 2000 points quick, and I’m still short forty warriors. They will be added next. I have enough figs for this army to do another challenge, we’ll see what I get painted before then.

And that concludes my portion of the Old World Army Challenge. Have a good day, I’m still testing a bottle of Jack for impurities…

Ratwig out

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dave's Dark Elf Army Wrap Up

Alas, the snow has melted away, only to be replaced by hot summer days—it is time to set sail on the titanic Black Arks and make our way to foreign shores for more murder and mayhem. Painting these Dark Elves was really a delight and I already have more expansions in mind!

And at long last, here is an image of the entire army, gathered for war.

Technically, the army only includes one of the two wizards, the other being an alternate sculpt for variety. Here is the final breakdown.

Dark Elf General (Cold One, Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield) ~ 176 pts
Sorcerer ~ 59 pts
5x Cold One Knights (Lances) ~ 210 pts
Repeater Bolt-Thrower ~ 100 pts
War Hydra ~ 225 pts
10x Executioners ~ 160 pts
5x Scouts ~ 65 pts

I want to thank the organizers, the contestants and everyone who has been following along on this 6-month journey. It has been great fun to read your comments, to see your armies grow and to hear the lament of your mulligans. Hopefully I will see you all again in the next Old World Army Challenge! For the Witch King!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sean's Bretonnian Army Wrap-up

Hi All,

Behold the mighty war host of Monfel!

My best Dave Andrews impression.
Well, it wouldn't be my army without untold trials and tribulations. I got it stuck in my head that I had to complete a baggage element and Tom's Chaos War Altar got me wanting to make one of my own, so I did that too. There was a lot of winging it and cursing, but it's done now. I tried to take all the pictures by myself, but wouldn't you know it, my shutter remote control had a dead battery. So I had to enlist my daughter to take the above army pose photo. She asked me if the muslin back drop was for scenery or to hide how messy my hobby room was. What cheek! My answer, of course, both.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Jeff's Chaos Army Wrap-up

Here is my final post for the OWAC. I am very glad I joined and stayed in it to the end. It was tough to finish. Now I have a 1300+ point Chaos army that I didn't 6 months ago. Honestly, as a gamer for the last 30 years, I do not have a lot of painted Warhammer lead. This is only my 2nd Warhammer Army, the first being Empire.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tom's Stinkfoot and his Plague Brigade

I finally made it. Years ago I never thought I would end up here. After about twenty years away from gaming it all started again with wanting to play a game of Talisman. And maybe I could get a copy of the wfrp rulebook. I'm never gonna get back into fantasy battle I told myself. Mordheim? Absolutely not. 40k? Hell no. Now I have a Chaos army. And a few Mordheim warbands. I bought more space Orks this morning. But I'm happy to be here.

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