Monday, August 10, 2020

Closing words : 3rd edition of the OWAC

Another great edition of the OWAC is over! And it was a fantastic year! The enthusiasm shown by all the challengers was exceptionnal, as was not only the quality of the entry but also the productivity. Quite simply, challengers have outdone themselves this years! On my side of things, it was the first time I did not participate in my own challenge (I had an Epic project to work on) and I have to say it was difficult at times! I am SO ready to join OWAC Part IV! This however allowed me time to work on updated rules for next year's edition, to promote the challenge, etc. Btw, if you look at the bottom of the Blog you can see how many challengers completed one, two or three challenges.

As the challenge administrator (i.e. Overlord) this year was a resounding success. Not only did we only lost 5 members to the Field of Bones, by far our lowest number, but the members have been especially organized this year; post posted within deadlines, blog post edited, etc. It's immensely rewarding to notice massive improvements for everyone between the first OWAC and this edition. Kudos to all!

Now, the most important part is the painting, and we had an amazing crop of painters with a stunning variety of armies, including our first Gnomes and Norses! We also had not one, not two but three challengers complete a Skaven force, a feat which was only done once in our history!

A few stats :

48 335 : That is the total number of points painted this year by the victors! 
13 : Only 13 members used a mulligan this year, which is incredibly low.
28 : That is the number of victors for this year, each now a painted army richer than they were 6 months ago!

If it wasn't obvious from reading the challenger's wrap-up, there will be a 4th edition of the OWAC starting on January 1st, 2021. Big changes are coming, as we will shake things up with some changes to the rules, and more importantly OPENING THE DOOR TO THE FAR FUTURE OF THE 41ST MILLENIUM! Yes, Rogue Trader and 2nd edition 40K army will be allowed.

Comment here or contact me through the blog if you are interested in joining our waiting list for the OWAC, Part IV.

We are always looking for sponsors to hand out prizes to our valiant challengers, contact me through the Blog or comment below if you'd like to sponsor the challenge.

Until 2021, have a great Fall everyone!

Summer Camp 2019: End of Camp 2 - Come back soon! — La Garenne ...

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sybou's wrap up post

Hello everyone,

that's it, end of owac for me too!

That is my second owac and i'm pretty proud of what I accomplished. A whole complete army of Daemons! My first whole army entirely painted.

That was a big challenge but i did it. 
With luck most of the daemons are one color each and dont have much details so it helped a lot.

I'm still hesitating for the next year army but I will surely go toward chaos dwarves.
That was really cool to see all the other contestants army blogs, I really enjoyed skavens armies and Jaeckel Alone's crusade.

But congratulations to everyone for all the painting done. We did great!

Until next time i'm letting you with my partners.

Grrrrrrr ... Soon ... Soon ...

Another round please!

What an adventure this has been. Six months of Dwarven painting and I have a decent playable force. This photo is the first time I have them all out on the table and man it felt good, a feeling of accomplishment and pride filled me once they were all set out.

For this final month I wanted to paint up something a little different, a little thematic, and a lot of beer. I finished off my adventure with the Runesmith on his mighty Anvil of Doom (278 pts). I wanted the anvil to look weathered and a little "Grimdark" so I worked with a mix of dark greens and browns. For the Runesmith I needed to replace his missing staff and so I decided to sculpt Bugman's mug as a symbol for the forces to rally around (cause you know beer, dwarves love it so what better way to get em to follow you than to carry a large beer mug).

During this adventure I also ended up painting the hill and the huts in these photos. I wanted at least one hill to place my war machines on during games and the huts I wanted to use as Bugman's camp for a few scenarios. 

Final Bugman’s Army List OWACIII

General on Throne of Power 300 pts

Runesmith on Anvil of Doom 278 pts

White Dwarf 104 pts

Lore Delver 203 pts

Bugman’s Rangers 220 pts
8 Rangers

Longbeards 234 pts
Bjorn Anvil Cleaver
8 Longbeards

Gotrek & Felix 477 pts

Trollslayers 214 pts
2 Champions
8 Trollslayers

Iron Breakers 389
9 Iron Breakers

Cannon Team 71 pts

Bolt Thrower Team 54 pts

Organ Gun Team 99 pts

Gyrocopter 98 pts

Flame Cannon Team 59 pts

Wood Elf Scout 26 pts

Army Total: 2,826

 I had a great time painting the Dwarve's and I cant wait to get them on the table to go head to head with my Wood Elf army from OWACII.

Here is the force that inspired my OWACIII army.

And here is the final photo of the units that I painted to match that old army.

I am super happy that I was able to do this force and bring to life an army I would read about in the old reports. (I may have to go down that crazy road and do the rest of the forces in this old battle report now).

Till the next adventure whether it is a Fantasy army or a Rogue force I will see you all in the next OWAC.

 While we pass the time to the next OWAC do not disappoint the Squirrel of Judgment for he can be a harsh little bugger.

 May we get what we want,

May we get what we need,

But may we never get 

what we deserve!

Ratwig's OWAC III Dark Elves

Another OWAC down and 1626 more points added to the army, for a total of 4316 from all three OWACs. One more OWAC should complete this army and I can start something different.


For the rank and file, I added additional units of crossbows, warriors and witch elves with another three witch elves to be added to the previous unit from OWAC I.

This OWAC was a bit character heavy as I added a subordinate commander, sorcerer and a mercenary commander with a ninja.

I have added a giant scorpion in each of the first two OWACs and added a further three this OWAC to make my host of bugs legal now at five total. I do love the bugs and here are the three for this challenge:

And then all five together:

The Samurai Mercenaries got their commander and an assassin, but no new troops as I didn't get them done in time. The whole Samurai contingent as it stands now:

The whole army from all three OWACs:

And of course, the army and evil general shot:

And this concludes Ratwig's OWAC III!

Now it's time to powerslam some Jack! See you next time!

Ratwig out

Paul's Border Princes Wrap Up Post

Well, 2020 might have been a complete global disaster, but at least my Border Princes force turned out pretty much as I'd intended, although it has certainly grown from the original 1400 pt list in my Intro Post

I know we are supposed to impersonate Big Bad Brian, but I went more HG Wells on this one ;)

Here's the monthly run down.

Month One:

10 Human Archers -100 pts
10 Human Archers - 100 pts
9 Human Crossbowmen -90 pts

Total for the month = 290 pts

Month Two:

Halfling Hero (Light Armour, Pistol, Hand weapon) - 69 pts
Halfling Wizard - 56 pts
Halfling Halberdier Champion - 34 pts
Halfling Halberdier Musician - 13 pts
Halfling Hot-pot Catapult - 50 pts

Total for the month = 222 pts

Month Three:

Human Hero (Light Armour, Flail) - 68 pts
11 Human Halberdiers inc. Standard Bearer (Light Armour, Shields, Halberd) - 120 pts
Dwarf Hero (Light Armour, Sword, Pistol) - 110 pts
10 Dwarf Thunderers (Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Handgun) - 130 pts

Total for the month = 428 pts

Month Four:

Human Cannon and 3 crew - 100 pts
Dwarf Cannon and 3 crew -110 pts
Human Wizard - 56 pts

Total for the month = 266 pts

Months Five and Six:

26 Halfling Halberdiers (inc. Standard Bearer) - Light Armour, Halberds (6.5 pts each) = 175.5 pts
14 Mixed Race Greatswords - Light Armour, Two Handed Sword (9 pts each) = 126
Great Sword Champion (Light Armour, Two Handed Sword) =  34

10 x Halfling Goat Riders (proxy for Kislev Horse archers) - Shields, Bows, and Hand weapons (16 pts each) = 160 pts
5 x Knights Panther - Barded Steed, Heavy Armour,  Shield, Lance, Sword (39 pts each) = 195 pts
Army General - Barded Steed, Heavy Armour,  Shield, Sword = 108 pts

Total for the months = 798.5 pts 

Grand Total = 2004.5 pts

And the close ups (apologies for the pictures on the potato phone) 

"What, no Ogres!?" I hear you cry... alas not, but they are definitely something to add in the future. However, I have made a start on a baggage train/civilan contingent with these halfling villagers and livestock I picked up from Foundry at BOYL last year (*sniffs* I'm sat here typing this on the weekend we should have been nerding it up in Newark :( )...

...with a view to fielding this guy! :D

WIP for August - he'll be painted up in the same red-cream-brown colour pallete as the rest of the army

Who said the OWAC was dead!? Long live the OWAC!

Jeff Allen's OWAC Wrap up post

Here is my Middenhiem/Kislev Army for OWAC3. This is my 3rd challenge and I think this one was my favorite. It will be the most memorable considering the world changing pandemic going on. 

My first was Chaos, I enjoyed it, but I'm not a Chaos kind of guy, I like order. 2nd was Dark Elves, and I liked that army alot, but The Empire is my first WHFB Army and this is just an extension of that.

I set out to paint what I have without buying anything, and I achieved that. Some of what I painted does not exist in 4th edition so I did have to play a little "counts as" to make the army list work for 4th edition. Like counting Kossars as Empire Troops, or not counting points at all. It's not that big a stretch, IMHO. 

So what can I put on the table? Lets count them up:
5 Knights of the White Wolf.....259 pts
1 Hero(Grandmaster of WW)...65 pts
1 Tsar Boris of Kislev...............0 pts
6 Horse Archers........................96 pts
1 Elector Count.........................100 pts
1 Tzarina Katarin......................65 pts
Wizard Mounted.......................59 pts
Wizard Foot...............................56 pts
21 Greatswords(Kossars)..........189 pts
1 Bear(Filler).............................0 pts
11 Archers.................................88 pts
1 Hero(Boyar)...........................65 pts
1 War Wagon.............................150 pts
10 Greatswords..........................108 pts
10 Winged Lancers....................400 pts

Grand Total of 1700 points!

I want to thank Iannick for putting up with my last minute posts (this being no exception). I got some figures to send to you.

I want to thank my fellow challengers for making this a fun event and congratulations for making it across the finish line.

I'm not sure I'm in for OWAC4 yet, because I've exhausted all my full army of unpainted figures. eBay is calling....

Cheers, Jeff

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