Sunday, June 9, 2024

Nathan’s leader month plus a few friends (395 points)

Ah the finish line is in sight. This month I did my army leader and finished off the rest of the witch elves. A pretty meagre haul to be honest so in June I’m going to paint up the remaining cold one cavalry plus my cold one chariot. Anyway here is the points value of my May figures:

- 1 Witherwitch (Level 20 wizard) on cold one with hand weapon - 325 points

- 5 witch elves with light armor with two hand weapons and poisoned attacks - 70 points

Here they are:


Saturday, June 8, 2024

Sybou - chaos army - month 5 - Rank and files n°4 - 350 points

 Hello to all fellow owacers, here is my humble publication for the month of May.

It 's a rank and files month, so necessary to finish two of my units, the beastmen and the dragon ogres.

Dragon ogres:

They gather 174 points. They are 2 and are ready to join their brethrens.

We have the classic dragon ogre that will be used as a champion. The other is pretty good with a sword.

An other angle

They both wear red armour and scales with some grey skins. That will make them match with my ogres.

The beastmen:

I still had to finish 16 beastmen to complete the 50 guys regiment. Here there are:

Four doggoes

Here, we have 2 Khorne beastmen with vicious warhammers. Then we have two beastmen from the C27 line made by Kev Adams: Shearmone and Bolbone!

Shearmon wears a part red part bony armor while Bolbone chose a completely red armor. Both have faces on their chest armor.

Bolbone is my favorite of the squad, with his little pointy helmet.

Four Broos

Some really classic sculpts from the Runequest line. One of them is a fierce rhinoceros with spear and shield.

Four really diverse goons

First we have a slug/ snake guy named "slug man" then from the C27 line, we have Bendle who receives a new knife, then a kind of lizard/ crocodile guy and Ruttrot a boar guy from C27.

Unique beasts and Blood priests

The unicorn broo who's really cool. I have a couple of the unicorn broos and thought of a campaign where a beast shaman poisoned the river of Athel Loren creating unicorn beastmen. The wood elves player having as a mission to root the beastmen from the forest and have bonus point if any unicorn beastmen is destroyed.
I have a Knightmare unicorn champion that could make a cool first levels boss.

Then 2 "blood priests" a cyclopean monkey with a sacrificial knife and "Half beast" that is really mutated. Like two faces guys, one side being mutant the other being more beastguy.

To finish we have a slaanesh beastman. At first, I didn't like the slaanesh beastmen but i changed my mind. I painted this one as a mixed between noble and SM bondage. The gold, the bony blade and pale skin contrast with the leather armor and boot.
I make his mouth really bloody.

The other face of "Half beast" and a zoom on the slaanesh guy

Here are a couple of photos of the whole batch of May. They're really colorful and look pretty good. I'm happy with the result and they should my last beastmen to paint. I still have many things to paint but I think these guys were my last beastmen.

I still have to do:
  • 1 Wizard on disk
  • 1 offering!
  • 1 Wildcard month

The wildcard will be a really old project, so it is not win yet for this year.

Good luck everyone for the last month of OWAC 2024!

Bye from the squad

John B Dwarf Warriors x 25 200 points

 Dwarf Warriors

The backbone of any Dwarf force. These 25 Warriors will fight relentlessly (unless Bugman's Beer is involved)

The Standard Bearer holding his runed banner high

The mighty champion

(lets let him rest)

The Musician ready to bang away

as always it was a fun month of painting some dwarfs

sadly I was not able to make any scenery this month

I hope you all enjoyed your painting this month and look forward to seeing everyone else's posts

good luck all

Friday, June 7, 2024

Nurgle Chaos Lord (Skål's Leader month)

 This month was a hectic one, to say the least. I ended up getting moved from Alabama to South Carolina (can I get a "hell yeah"). So the ability to get anything painted quickly came to an end only a few days into the month. Luckily for me, I had the perfect model to paint up. I'm not sure who produced this resin model but I remember picking it up at my LGS back in the 90's when I was getting into Chaos marines. A quick painting session using the airbrush and some sweet Blood for the Blood God technical paint, a dab of fluorescent green on the drip for a pop of color and I was done.

Till next month


Thursday, June 6, 2024

Byron's Hippy Wood Elves - Rank and File (155 points)

 This month I present Lord Forestmane's retinue of noble retainers. I felt like I was phoning it in this month with only 5 models. But it's been a busy month. 

This unit is composed of 4th/5th edition warhawk riders and glade riders atop a combination of citadel elven steeds, a citadel norman steed, and a grenadier wood elf horse. The shields were selected to convey a more 3rd edition feel to match the older horses. The shields were 3d printed and I could still see the layers - curse this foul orc work. I didn't have the bandwidth to sculpt flowers all over them. 

Painting these models was particularly tedious; the riders have many layers in their clothing resulting in each model having many color regions. The final product is a particularly colorful unit. I am not happy with the result, but I am happy to finally have them done. 

I plan to field them as Elven Lords in battles of Warhammer Fantasy 3rd. Their Weapon Skill 5 is particularly potent in 3rd edition. 

Scarlas Forestmane leads his retinue in lance formation, ready to dash at the enemy and break enemy lines. 

Picture of the army in progress. It's starting to come together. 

Next month is my leader month. In theory this will result in a handful of banners. 

Chris P's Wildcard Month - The Kan

Ork Dreadnought: 120pts
Painboy with plasma pistol and power fist: 32pts
Mekboy with boltgun: 21pts
Total 173 points


This dreadnought is a bit of a kustom job. I took a beat-up second hand model from 3rd edition 40k, and added glyph plates, plastic Imperial sponson guns, an Ogre banner and a few handy mekky bitz to bring it more in line with a 2nd edition dreadnought. The plan with the paint job was full-on vivid 1990's excess, to create a colourful centerpiece for the army.

The army list requires a Mek and a Painboy to plumb some lucky git into the kan, so I've painted them this month too.

Adrian's Leader month - Here be dragons (819 points)

One of the toughest policies and direst duties of King Caradryel was the abandonment of the Old World colonies. A tragedy for many nobles that still had family ties with those elves that refused to leave the continent. 

Those who flew to the new populated forests of Athel Loren were somewhat safe. But the people of the coast were damned to perish against the hordes of barbarians, orcs and creatures of chaos awoken after the age of elves and dwarves.

It was not an easy task to enforce the recall of elven troops in the diplomatic table. Among the unrested nobles in Ulthuan, there was a risk of disobeyance and unilaterally send aid to the continent, or worse, open rebellion. One of those, Bel-Tebal of Nagarythe, a caring father for the princes of Tor Nimtala in the Tielan coast. It was vital to retain the few nobles that were still loyal to the crown in the ravaged lands of Nagarythe.

Caladryel was pragmatic and an intelligent leader. It was not possible to make an exception with the stubborn veteran Bel-Tebal. Nor undoing his command. But in the audience with the enraged former prince, he choose wisely the words.

"You, as all the people of Ulthuan, has been commanded not to sent your valuable soldiers to the continent. Yet, I cannot forbid the aid of a father to her daughter and his son-in-law. You can march yourself with your mount, take your best blade and fight for them. Your retinue can accompany you, but they will not be allowed to land in the continent..."

A mount. Not a steed.
Bel-Tebal reached the caverns of his tower and pleaded for the aid of his old friend Ymmrrarior. The ancient female great dragon hear that the offspring of his friend was in danger, so she must stay awake from the dragon dream a little bit longer.

The hordes of chaos creatures did not know that they've indirectly provoked the wrath of an ancient foe. Fire and nightmare made manifest. No ratmen could pass her scale armour. No enemy enough powerful to stand the wrath of the old prince and his terrible ally.

A small change of plans for this month. I needed some supplies for finishing a unit I had in the workbench for the wildcard. However, the printed old styled shields couldn't get in time, and I switched to the big guy instead.
I could have completed some of the other planned pieces, and I am unsure if I could finish the wildcard unit in time. Yet the dragon was a safe bet for this month, believe it or not.

I was also wanting to paint some creature. In the meantime I have been toying with some miniatures based on paleontological reconstructions. I despertely needed to put my hands on the dragon!

At first it was going to be based on some blue lizards that will also be in the same chromatic range of much of my army. The belly and wings in a sandy white or slightly ice yellow. But I was starting to paint my other commander, the elf mage, and I felt in love with the pink-grey I made. It was the perfect colour for the belly and wings of the dragon.

I love to put some small patterns in the horns, head and maybe tail or some key areas of the body of my creatures. I went for a slightly light turquoise strips and then the eye firey-motif.

The funiest or oddest reference was the prince armour. I love the colour combinations of the old Saint Seiya armours of the eighties. Unusual choices today, as we barely see more than two colours in fantasy/sci-fi, both western or manga armour designs.
The cloak and clothes have similar patterns like the other, japanese-styled clothes of my army.

Finally, the mandatory elf mage. I am basing each of my mages in a discipline of the Old World winds of magic. I chose a different approach to the lore of life. Instead of the usual greens, the japanese flowers allowed my to mix the pinky-gray tones with the flower pattern over the cloak.

That makes for

1x High elf prince and a great dragon - 760 points

1x High elf mage - 59

And now for the "easy part"? What would be the wildcard month? Stay tuned for the next update

Until then,

Adrian's out.

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