Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Paul D's wild-card with a few odds and sods, making up the numbers for 1287points

Hard to believe that during month one I was worried about making the points target. Then I realised - participants were painting more than the minimum per month and others said I could carry stuff over, if, I didn't get them finished. Hence, here a few 'C' series Amazons which came out of their Dettol bath at the beginning of May, but I couldn't finish, as I didn't have any bases for them to join their sisters.

As mentioned on the facebook page, I ordered a few more cat-riders via ebay to make up their numbers, only to be told they wouldn't arrive  until the end of June. So, I painted up those I had and moved on to something else.

And as soon as their finished, the others turn up early!

But, after I started painting Elves, from Foundry and other manufacturers, typical.

So here's the elf contingent, which will be my entry for this final month, having just received their first coat of varnish.

Next up, the new cat riders have a dab of paint

I've a few days to paint a few more figures, but I really need to start putting my 'new' stuff together for BOYL 2021, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead, with a little hors d'oeuvre for my ogre cooks! Enjoy.


This months contingent all together, based and varnished, hope to see all your efforts in July.

Six cat riders with all the trimmings forty eight points each - two hundred and eighty eight points.

Four cats with their beastmaster - one hundred and eighty six points.

Ten Elvish Wardancers at twenty points each - two hundred points

One level five novice at sixty points

one Shar-woman at level two, eighty five points

One level three Wizard, one hundred and fifty five points  

One powersword swinging drug induced nutter - two hundred and sixty six points.

One guardwoman at nineteen points

Four tribeswomen at seven points each - twenty eight points. 

Now, how do I get this army shot for July?

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Squat Leaders (250 points-ish)

Stick a fork in me, I’m done mother fuckers!!!!

Here are the leaders for my squat biker army.

Guild Master on a bike (of course!) and plate armour along with a Living Ancestor. I gave the old dude a mobility floater of his own and it’s pretty embarrassing having to hitch a ride.

Brendan's Wild Card (300 points)

She's Got Legs! 

(and knows how to use them)

War Walkers have those nice long legs that go all the way up!!! I have always like the look of the War Walker's of the Eldar, so it was a lot of fun to build and paint one.  The only request I had from my friend was that it should have dual missile launchers, because he know how much I hate them...

The blue armor of the guardian blended in a lot with the vehicle so I added a little purple to make it look less mono color.

Ultimately I think it worked and I don't believe the pilot will be lost among the machine.  As I was wrapping it back up and putting it away my friends toolbox stuffed with packaging foam he savagely refers to as his "carrying case," I came across another unpainted War Walker!  I decided to paint this one too.  Not my best work, but it has paint on it, and it will look fine destroying my troops from across the table. Especially since I was only planning on painting one.

Lastly, and certainly using the "wildcard" status is the grav tank.  I don't think it was released in second edition, but I wanted to paint it, more so when I found it in an unopened box! A lot of hours went into edge highlighting this bad boy.

Very happy with this model, but I won't count it as I believe it is 3rd edition.  Now it is on to finding all the models I painted and taking a group pic!

Two War Walkers: 300 points

Monday, June 21, 2021

Jaeckel's Dwarfs - Leader Month (305 points)

What would be an OWAC without a change of plan? As I am considering extending the painting of this army to the next OWAC, I've decided that my dwarf priest deserved additional thoughts and preparation. As for the mounted captain, my first attempt to paint the poney failed miserably... and instead of insisting, I have opted for other models to field the missing 215 points. 

One character painted among the three initially announced, that's not so bad, isn't it?


So, let's start with the Annalist of the company, who happens to be a dwarf wizard of the Marauder range, MM10 DW10.

The second character and current leader of the army is one of the Captains that takes command of the dogs of war when the General is not on the battlefield. The model is the well-known leader of the MB1 regiment:

The third character is one of the MM11 champions, that will lead the bodyguards of the paymaster.

And that's it! I still have a few ideas to explore for my Swiss Grey Mountains mercenary dwarfs (such as clockworkers, a chocolate hot pot, or a "William Tell" quareller), plus a full box of Marauder dwarves waiting for their basecoat, but I have to admit that the initial impetus stemmed last month while painting my crossbowmen.

Anyway, for this last month, we have:

  • One Lvl 15 Hero with light armour and pistol: 132 points
  • One Lvl 5 Wizard with pistol: 80 points
  • One Lvl 10 Hero with heavy armour and two-handed hammer: 93 points

for a total of 1090 points. Field of bones avoided 😅

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Shadespyre's Lizardmen - June - Wildcard - Baluk's Bane and other strangeness (250 points)

 Wild Card Month

With everything I *needed* for the army finished a while ago, it has remained only to dream up some extra bits and pieces to fill it out a bit and tidy up loose ends. So I found a few models which seemed to fit, only one of which is really part of the army and so worth any points. 

Baluk's Bane

As noted back at the start, the background for Karnac and his raiders is basically a rip off of Tolkien's Moria story, only the Dwarf lord gets eaten by Karnac, not the Balrog. I strongly considered digging out one of my many old Balrogs to add to this army, to play to that theme, but firstly I couldn't decide which to use and secondly since I buggered up my back I can't climb into the loft to look for them. It's something I might come back to.

The next most obvious choice was to include a Very Big Reptile in the army, either a dinosaur or a dragon. My available dinos are all modern plastic models and very, very big, and I wanted to use something old and lead if possible, and more of an Oldhammer scale. Going through my Dragon spreadsheet (I do like Dragons!) I decided a wingless model would seem more subterranean, which sent me looking at old Grenadier dragons because I knew there were a few to chose from. 

My first pick was the Iron Dragon, because it came with Dwarves which it was fighting, but the pose doesn't suit use in an army. And then I found it - my spare Swamp Dragon i.e. the one missing it's long froggy tongue!

One other problem - he comes modelled on a swampy base, not a rocky one, so I had to fix that with a lot of milliput, as well as sculpt a new tongue. And so here he is:

The second picture gives more idea of scale. For colours, I chose to keep him more lizard than dragon, and so used the same palette as the Lizardmen, in bands. A very quick paint job as the same shade and highlight was applied to all the colours to tie them together. The base was much more work than the mini!

Let's says he's a Level 1 Dragon, wingless of course, for 250 points

Purple (and Pink) People Eaters

I promised our Overlord pink, so pink (and purple) he shall have. These are some of the more "exotic" Lizardmen models which I didn't want to use in the main force, so I have painted them in more "exotic" skin tones...

I considered collecting enough of the spear poses to make their own unit, but it would have meant spending another £100+ on minis and I'm not *that* fond of them! I'm still missing a couple of rare poses, I suppose if they turn up I'll add them to this group.

Not a unit, so I'm going to award myself nil points for these. 

Unit Fillers / Bits and Bobs

This little chap has been sitting around my desk for ages, thought I might as well paint and base him to go with this project. Doesn't have a particular role, he's on a cavalry base so he could add two spaces to fill out a unit, maybe?

A few more scenic bits, including a dead Dwarf

It seemed wrong not to use this deceased dwarf here...
And talking of dead Dwarves, how about some Undead Dwarves - if that old Lizardman Witchdoctor is going to be a necromancer, he needs a few corpses?

These are from Midlam Miniatures, they come naked except for weapons so I bent their metal joints a bit to change the poses, then added the shields and some scraps of clothing so that I had something to paint in my three Dwarf cloth colours to tie them to the rest of the army.

All that lot - no extra points (unless using them as unit fillers I suppose)

What Next?

Just the July army shot and a completed army list. It's changed a bit from when I started (mostly by buying more Lizardmen) so it'll be interesting to see what the final points tally is!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

JUNE "Back In Black" - Jon's Orks (436 points)

Infantry Month + Vehicle Month

Nob with power fist and 'eavy armour: 30 points
Nob with power fist and 'eavy armour: 30 points

Goff Boyz Mob: 4 Skarboyz with power swords; 5 Boyz with chainswords: 146 points

Looted Land Raider: Heavy Flamer: 230 points

Running Total: 1286 points

We apologise for the interruption to services. Hopefully this makes up for it.

we are so serious, Red Period...

Technically, if you want to split hairs about this sort of thing, the Land Raider was "done" last month, in that all the metal bits and all the red bits were "done". But that's not even the three-colour competitive wallah-wallah standard, and I didn't want to wave around half a job just for the sake of rushing a post out before I went on holiday.

When I came back, and after I'd played an actual game of tabletop Warhammer with an actual person for the first time since Ye Lockedowne Part Onne all those centuries ago, I had mojo.


First up: the last month's worth of infantry. I went a bit overboard with the gear on this mob. I had a bunch of chainswords and power swords lying around, and parries were always a good thing to have in second edition, and it was an easy way to differentiate some Skarboyz (also a good thing to have in second edition), and Goff mobs could bring two Nobz and only characters could take power fists... so I went all in on the available options.

The good thing about a colourscheme that's two thirds black is it doesn't need much highlighting. The bad thing about a colourscheme that's two thirds black is that black's gonna stick if the brush clips anything else, and if you've primed everything white so the skin matches, you're going to be painting a lot of black bits by hand. Goodness knows how I stuck out painting a hundred plus Orks and Gretchin back in 1995. They were slightly crisper casts, I suppose, but even so. I must have been mad.

I didn't compose this photo very well, did I? Anyway, I opted for a proper second edition blue ink on the power weapons and it looks moderately snazzy, in my opinion.

Nobz Nobz Nobz. I'm never quite sure if I've stuck these plastic power fists on properly or not.

But you didn't come here to look at my Nobz, did you? You're after something bigger. Something rather more girthy

Vehicle month!

I haven't painted many tank kits in my time (they took up too much space in my "must fit in the locker at school / under the desk at work / on my back when I cycle to club" single figure case), and I wasn't entirely prepared for doing three layers of P3's Khador Red Base to get coverage. It's worked out all right, though, and I think the "camo" (to qualify as "must be painted in Blood Axe colours") looks rather better on the big flat panels of a tank kit than it did on the Boyz' shoulders.

After a good lashing of Liquid Talent, it still wasn't looking quite "done", so out came the technical paints. A spot of Typhus Corrosion on some of the metalwork and anywhere the kit had taken a ding or scratch over the years, and a liberal bash of Agrellan Earth over the tracks and the underside.

My one regret's that the Ork glyph on the front has broken and I can't find the top half anywhere (and believe me, I looked; I turned out three drawers of my hobby cabinet and still no sign of it). Much like that errant plasma gun on the Nobz mob (which I did find during the long trawl), it'll go on when it turns up. Or I'll think of something better I can glue on there before the final showdown.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Iannick's Red Templar's 1st Tactical "Mors Manipulus" Squad (250 points)

We are the Mors Manipulus. We've killed more traitors, fought more battles, shed more blood, and stomped more ass than the rest of the company put together.

Sargeant Gaudin, 1st Squad, 1st Company, Red Templars

Rank & File #4

Hey look at that, more marines

May was my last rank & file month, and so it was also my last month painting marines. And I've kept the best for last. I wanted to represent the first squad of my force as a bad ass veteran outfit. My idea was to use helmetless marines as well as marines with a lot of individual honours, badges, weird armour type, etc. All the things a veteran of many campaigns would accumulate along the way, and adapt to his needs. Basically, the opposite of my 3rd squad, which is quite vanilla in it's look.

It wasn't really difficult to find 10 such marines because really the Rogue Trader range is full of those types of figures. It also allowed me to use those weird death eagles armoured marines, as well as the marine with terminator honour figure. Any of those would've looked out of place in a normal marine squad, but here, surrounded by an eclectic looking bunch,  they all fit right in. 

However, sitting down on May 1st and looking at them, I felt I needed to make them stand out even more. For aesthetic purposes, sure, but also because I needed a little variety. Because one thing I had never really noticed before is how monochrome space marines really are! Little bit tired of red, yeah...And I needed to spice things up, if only a little. 

I figured the 1st Squad of the 1st Company of the Red Templar chapter should be special. And as such I decided to add black to my repertoire, and I gave them black helmets striped red. I was afraid it might constrast too much, or detract from my force's overrall red & white, but no, it *really* works and gives them that little extra badassery and unique factor. I call them "Mors Manipulus", i.e. death squad (the latin doesn't have that Nazi connotation!).

I gave Sargeant Gaudin a white helmet striped red, as all my leaders and special characters have white distinctions, but gave him a black banner to tie him with his squad. I really like the banner. I've always wanted to paint that figure, and I'm quite happy with the results. The marine with the bionic leg was a very old figure from my youth collection, and his sword broke aeons ago, so I gave him a chainsword instead. It looks better than the sword if you ask me. 

Some of my fav RT figures. Brother Martin with the cybernetic leg might be my favourite, but
really they are all iconic figures

Two of the marines in Death Eagle armour, and then there's the multi-melta
marine with a very unique "skull" helmet and decorations. He fits right in.

I'm really pleased with this squad, and I feel I may have kept the best for last! 

With this submission, my OWAC is "unofficially" over and I can do whatever I want with my Wild Card month. Damn, I love that weight off my shoulder feeling of ending an OWAC. It's a sweet, sweet feeling. I'm pleased with myself as this is the first OWAC where I manage to go 5 straight months without using my mulligan (Wild Card). It was my plan all along as I didn't want to have to paint in June. My painting room has no AC so I often take a painting break in the summer and I didn't want to sweat come late June, forced to paint under unrelenting heat (and stress!). A lot of people assume Canada is always cold, but yeah, no. Montréal in the Summer is extremely hot and humid. Our Summers may not last long, but they are intense.

So the weather will quite possibly determine what I will submit in my Wild Card month, although I have been working on a little something different the last few months that I hope to submit next month, if nothing else.

Technical stuff : 

Red Templars tactical Squad : 250 points

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