Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rochies Skaven, in by a whisker! 189points


Another month gone and and another crop of cracking entries, we'll done everyone!
I can't lie, I struggled a bit this month, I can't explain why given I only had ten models to paint (and I'm eleven points shy of the 200, oh well!), but I just couldn't get into it at all. Maybe it was because I've already painted my fill of clanrats and plague monks, maybe it was misplacing my army book up til ten minutes ago, who knows? But the important part is I screeched in sideways, so here we are!

The whole lot together 

Victor´s Night Goblins - February (183 pts)

Hi mates!!

Here you have my share of minis for this month!! Unfortunately, I have not managed to achieve the same level of quality in painting than previous months due to lack of time.

Anyway, I will solve this in the next days.

20 Night Goblins with Bow + Boss + Mus + Stand    78 pts
2 Squig Hoppers                                                       50 pts
1 Night Goblin General + two handed + Heavy Arm  55 pts

TOTAL      183 pts


Brennan's Feb Post - Gorgut's Sallow-Eyes (231pts)

Gorgut's Sallow-Eyes...

What a month.  I didn't think that I would get this lot done.  It was really touch and go.  To be honest, I'm not happy with them, but I've hit the point where the best thing to do is get them done and move on to the next regiment.  

I think part of what threw me off was some British Para I painted early in Feb that I needed for a game.  It was really nice to paint some contemporary figures.  Not just the color palate, but the modern sculpts seem more forgiving when it comes to painting.  Maybe it's just me, but even when I paint older citadel Marburians and switch to newer Warefare minis, I prefer the newer figures...

Anyway, back to the troops at hand.  Its a regiment of Arrer Boys.

20 Arrer boys w/ light armor shield mus & st - 231

Ruerhl's warhost 5 (225 points)

This time, during the shortest month of the year, I opted to paint just one model. A hydra. To be honest, painting something different than rank and file models, gave me the necessary motivation to continue this challenge.

I only recently aquired this model from e-bay that's why my original list was adapted. A Ral Partha model with some character and a way to field something that can suffer a beating (and survive to beat you back).

Next will be foottroopers again ;)

Geitman Foo-foo the Snoo and her merry band of murder Broo (240pts)

This month, again, a last minute mad dash to the finish:13 beastmen + beastman shaman lvl 5 = 130+110= 240. They have been looking at me, all primed and covered with just the first layer of paint and crude wash for the most part of the month but they came together when specific areas got some distinct color, unfortunately many suffered from a coarse primer mistake I made in Fall.

Foo-Foo the Snoo and her merry band of murder Broo.

Nathan's Slanns (213pts)

Well I made it for another month - just. Another mixed bag of figures as it keeps me interested. In points values here they are:

Bull slann rider with shield - 33 points
3 warrior priests - 36 points
1 spawn band - 9 points
1 venom tribes - 12 points
1 giant spider - 45 points
1 level 10 hero with blowpipe - 78 points

213 points in total.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ed's Border Prince Halberdiers - 208 points

I'm pleased to say that the most challenging installment is done and dusted. This month sees the arrival of 15 halberdiers including champion, standard bearer and drummer.

Yosef's Villagers and guns.(200 pts)

So getting ready for moving house, and with reducing the stash taking most of my hobby time, i had time to paint the models by the 11th but not to write the post.

So here is  the unit of villagers. (count as brigands in the army list) with their musician and champion( the noble woman in the front rank) for 16*7+7+33 for a total of 152 points.

The funny thing of this units is that there is so many different ranges on the unit. Extra points for those that recognize it without using sololegends or similar ...

Mustafa’s Skimich the Craven (358pts)

While he may look fearsome, Skimich the Craven is more than deserving of his title.

From SeanS - Bretonnian Retainers and Wizards (194 points)

HI All,

OMFG! What a day. This was one of those where I thought I was so close to being finished, only to find glaring errors or omissions hold me back. But now they're done.

I added these two C02 Wizards, Mazda and Holbon Toddlebrew to add a fun diversion to batch painting. I have no idea how much a wizard costs right now, and I don't care. LOOK AT THEM!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Andrea’s Mage Champion riding the unicorn (211pts)

Hi guys, 
this month was an easy one: just one model, but not a common one!

The model is, actually, a converted 4th/5th ed. mage: long story short, the sculpt was a riding one I converted in an on foot one then decided to get back to ride... ooook, it sounds weird I know, but I get the unicorn only after the first round of conversion!

The unicorn is one of my favourite model, so full of ancestral strength!

Well, the whole job look good enough. I hope you enjoy it!

To finish the 1000 pts it just remains the archer unit and the last wardancers. But there are two months till the end, so probably some extra will come out!

Ciao, A.

Lissanne's Feanorean Reavers - Part 1 Reaver's Command (269pts)

 I said I was going to take my time on the Reavers, and I am.  As it turns out though, there is no need to mulligan.

Your Overlord takes his mulligan...

Well yes, I'm taking my mulligan. It comes with the appropriate level of shame. Although, I have to be honest : it was always in my plans. I knew I would need a month off to tackle the big infantry regiments. I'm working on a big 30 figure Goblin unit, plus I'll need to add something else to that to round up my points, and I also have to submit a monster for another challenge I'm part of!

So I did paint a lot this month, but not enough! 

See you all in the end of March!! I'll be ready.

Jeff's Dark Elves (356 Points)

February was a very good month for painting....
I had planned to paint 10 crossbowmen and a repeater bolt thrower; in the end I ended up with a dozen crossbowmen, 2 bolt throwers and 3 witch elves.

 I wasn't happy with the model I had for a standard bearer, so went searching through my dark elf stock.  I didn't find a better standard bearer, so I resorted to doing some conversion work on the standard bearer, but I discovered I only had two more crossbowmen, and decided to add them to the unit.

12 crossbowmen with standard (169 points)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

John's Chaos Dwarf Lord and Sorcerer (219 Points)

Chaos Dwarf Lord and Sorcerer ready to battle

Sorcerer - 59 points

Ratwig's Ogre Mercenary Punk Rockers...(250pts)

My entry for February: Stiv Bators and the Pit Punks.
Five mercenary ogre: 250 points total.
Equipment: Hand weapon, additional hand weapon, light armor.

After a life of gladiator pit fighting, they struck out on their own as mercenaries and ended up in the employ of a certain Varl dark elf dude… Not bad so far, couldn’t get much worse than the pits, or could it…

This entry adds a mercenary unit of five ogres, led by Stiv Bators.

Anthony's Blue Serpent Clan archers (220 pts)

Members of the Blue Serpent Clan don't care how death is reaped in the name of their all-consuming deity. Northerners are known for their skill with bow and arrow as this is how they hunt both for food and for bounty. Indeed, one does not approach creatures of the Northern Wastes in close proximity unless one has a death wish; ranged shooting the best method of hunting them and staying alive. All Clan battle formations have some degree of ranged shooting. Each Clan division has its unique combination of snake venoms with which to poison their arrow tips. While Clan warriors kill in the name of the Blue Serpent god to pay their tribute, surely an agonizing and slow death by poisoning would provide a more worthy sacrifice!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Millsy's Empire Outriders and One Third of a Mulligan...(140pts)

G'day All,

Unfortunately, deadline driven commission work has chewed up a lot of time this month to date and will do so for the remainder. That means I'm not going to get all the way to 200 points in February, so I'm going with 140 points of Outriders and roughly a third of a mulligan :-)

At least I did finish a unit so without further do here is my latest effort, five somewhat top-heavy chaps on armoured steeds and toting ridiculously large firearms. I really love these guys and they will give my force some much needed mobility on the field too.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Qrab's Chaos: Trolls, Thugs & Tragedy (197 pts)

It turns out February is not only the shortest month of the challenge, it's also turned out to be the cruelest month. 

Readers might assume from the tone of the introductory sentence that what follows would be a mulligan post, but those readers would be wrong! While there may only be 28 days to work with this month, I was feeling good after December's output. So, rather than play it safe and paint five Marauders, I decided to to push myself and paint the larger group of models among those I had left. This meant 10 Thugs with long bows, a standard, and a musician (132 pts) as well as a single Troll (65 pts).

The Troll known as MM40/02 TR6

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thomas's High Elves: Waife's Archers 227 Pts

Happy Valentines day!  If you haven't got started on your months output there is nly half a month left. ;)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January, DONE!

Crazy, but the Challenge is already half over, which means y'all survived the hardest part, you are 3 months away from a beautiful 1000pts army!

Amazing how time flies when you spend your evenings and week-ends in front of your painting desk and do not see the light of day, hey?!


And now, we move on to February! Tip of the month; spend Valentine's day painting for the challenge instead of spending time with your love one. You will save so much money that can then be spend buying more miniatures. You'll thank me the 15th!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ben's High Elves---Month #3 (194pts)

Here we go with month #3. I painted 5 Wardancers, a Bolt Thrower with 3 crew, and the standard for the guard unit I finished last month. This month was the fewest amount of figures I've painted in the challenge so far, yet they seemed to take more time than either of the previous months. Without further delay, here are some low quality pics of great figures with mediocre paint jobs.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sean's Bretonnians - Chevaliers D'Honneur (215pts)

Hi All,

Once again I've somehow managed to take this down to the wire. I should have been able to finish these pretty easily, but I haven't

These are five plastic Knights of the Realm circa 1996, so 5th edition? I used Perfect Plastic Putty to try and fill all the seam gaps in the horses. I need to work out a better way to apply and sand in tight spaces. They are a 15th Level Hero (Viscomte) (91points) an four Knights (124points) for a total of 215 points. In game terms they only have Heavy Armor and Lances.

Ed's Mulligan Enforced - But the future is still bright!

Well I was expecting to play my mulligan next month but work has tied me up for the majority of January and my purse strings have been so tight (getting over Christmas, missus' birthday in January, Son's birthday in early February blah blah blah)
I've not even bought my next planned unit (cavalry). In fact I've only found time to paint 8 figures plus a banner (halberdiers) in January.
However, if I can move on with my halberdier unit they should see completion by the end of this month and then tackle the cavalry in March so all is not lost.

 Keep up the good work though guys! It's been a hefty output this month - again!

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler (195pts)

So here we are month 3, and I was so close to taking a mulligan but finished with a few hours to spare. I chose for January to work on my goblin chariots, and given how cheap they are I decided to add another to the list to round it out to 195pts for the month. As I got started I noticed that some how I had misplaced the left side of one of the marauder chariots, which led to a search through all my boxes and bitz. After much cursing and repacking I sprang to the computer and found the exact piece I was missing just hop, skip and eight hour plane ride away in England. Six dollars and a week and a half later it arrived and I could really get started. I got off to a pretty good start, but then with things going on the weekends and a rambunctious 2 year old, it was honestly hard to motivate myself many evenings. So tonight I came home knowing I only needed to finish a few small things and be all set, and when I got ready to paint I noticed several wolves and a chariot were missing! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dave's Scouts, Bolt-Thrower and Sorcerer (234pts)

January feels like the coldest month in Canada, although the longest days of winter are now behind us. It feels only appropriate to be sculpting snow onto the bases as the real stuff drifts down silently outside my window. The snow bases are made out of titanium white pumice and although I am enjoying how they are turning out, it has proven to be a time-consuming and arduous task to move the sticky white sand around on the bases!

Jeff's Who doesn't love Dragon Ogres? (261pts)

I have always loved these models from way back. I never picked them up because I was building my main army, Empire but I wanted to. A few months back I stumbled across them on eBay. Not a steal, but a fair deal I think. So when OWAC came along I thought great, time to get the DO's painted up.

Darrin's Dastardly Dark Elves (248pts)

Evil January Sea Pirate Types

Howdy there pardners! My January submission is a unit of ten strong Dark Elf Shadows and a conniving assassin!


Kenneth's Ruerhl's warhost 4 (200 points)

While breaking up camp in search for some opportunities to hone the combat skills of his warhost, the pickets of the camp reported a dozen soldiers coming their way. Immediately, the witches prepped themselves for battle by praising Khaine and smearing themselves with blood.

When the soldiers came into view it was clear that they wore the colors of a local druchii house and posed no direct threat. Their weapons shouldered and quick marching toward Ruerhl's position in an organized military manner. At about 50 paces they halted.

"Identify yourself!", commanded Ruerhl.

"Lord Kaghath Deadarrow's city guard, my lord". "We are sent to prove Lord Kaghath's loyalty to the Witch King and Lord Ruerhl".

The name sounded familiar to Ruerhl but Druchii politics can be deadly if proven too weak, so he motioned the witches closer, ready to be sent at the inferior warriors.

"Prove your value, or else ..."

The elf that had spoken to Ruerhl commanded his detachment. "Guard formation!"

As a well oiled machine the warriors unshouldered their weapons. Some were armed with crossbows and some with spear and shield. Crossbows in front, spearmen in the back. Their shields protecting the whole detachment and spears protruding in front of them, preventing anyone to come too close.

Shame, got too busy with dinosaurs to paint ....-mulligan post

So this moth was just too busy at work , we finally showed our product in one of the industry biggest conferences in Vegas, so between preparing that and the follow up was much heavier than expected and then i had some family matters in Spain , and then a local conference this week, the only time for the hobby i had was between emails checking some fb groups. (it can be done in places were painting miniatures is impossible.). So i am taking this month my mulligan.
So shamelessly i can't show any painted miniatures, but i could show a very realistic looking dinosaur (ray  traced at 60fps on a tablet). ...

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