Monday, February 26, 2018

Lissanne's Feanorean Reavers - Part 1 Reaver's Command (269pts)

 I said I was going to take my time on the Reavers, and I am.  As it turns out though, there is no need to mulligan.

Maidhros-the first son of Feanor.  He was one-handed, and fought with the sword in his left hand (long story) A handsome fellow with dark copper red hair.  He wore red plumes on a silver helm with a copper circlet.  I was lucky and found the banner bearer of the Reavers fit perfectly with his description.  I gave him a metal right hand to represent the missing hand.

Meanwhile, I discovered my army banner apparently can't go on the chariot with the general in 4th.  Where do I put it? With one handed Maidhros of course, replacing the unit banner.  This makes him a champion with a steed.  Since one hand would make it difficult to use a bow or shield, this is even more perfect!  The only thing I had to do was extend his pole to take an impressively large army banner.  And did I mention banners take time, lots of time?  This is a banner for the army as a whole, not just this 1000+ pts btw (98 + 3 for 101 pts)

I really needed a unit champion who was not the banner bearer.  Since this is Herohammer, and I hadn't done a hero yet, well I did one!  I am really fussy about the detail in this unit though, (104 +3 pt steed for 107 Pts plus equipment)  Kurufinwe-5th son and the spitting image of Feanor, the general.  Kurufinwe prefers bow, and has a yew one wrapped with gold wire.  The later (plastic) reaver champion was perfect. though, fancy fellow, bow and all! (116 pts total, 104 pts +12 pt steed, barding, longbow, and lance.)

The musician is Maglor, 2nd son of Feanor and a harpist.  In the Silmarillion, he is the only son of Feanor who doesn't die eventually. Plus he was a nice fellow, foster father of Elrond and Elros (who you may have heard of)  Had to add a harp.  (54 pts for shield, bow, and spear, but only 52 at the moment.

I will add the shields later definitely, hopefully during the comp.  But the Feanorean star is fiddly to do.

I painted all the horses (and the dog Huan) too, but they don't count yet. Black and grey elf horses like Shadowfax.  If Morgoth and Sauron stole the black horses, it must have been because Feanor was using them, and his sons by proxy.  Morgoth and Feanor hated each other.  The fact that the Dark Elves of Warhammer want them too is just icing on the cake!

I plan to post both months following, as I still have the General and chariot next month (plus as much as I can do) and the free month (which would be mulligan month), which is as much as I can do in the extra month. But the 'as much as I can do'  will be the other 4 Reavers first!

Hero 116 pts,
Army battle standard bearer on horse 101 pts
Musician 52pts
Total 269pts


  1. Lovely work. Particularly like the banner. Never managed to get through the Silmarillion, so I'm enjoying your summaries.

  2. Great job, especially the banner which is impressive!

  3. Gorgeous! So much to look at in these models. I love all the color and detail.

  4. Fantastic banner, pure Oldhammer!

  5. Very nice, especially the horses and the banner.

  6. Looks great. Banners are a pain. That one came out great


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