Monday, February 26, 2018

Andrea’s Mage Champion riding the unicorn (211pts)

Hi guys, 
this month was an easy one: just one model, but not a common one!

The model is, actually, a converted 4th/5th ed. mage: long story short, the sculpt was a riding one I converted in an on foot one then decided to get back to ride... ooook, it sounds weird I know, but I get the unicorn only after the first round of conversion!

The unicorn is one of my favourite model, so full of ancestral strength!

Well, the whole job look good enough. I hope you enjoy it!

To finish the 1000 pts it just remains the archer unit and the last wardancers. But there are two months till the end, so probably some extra will come out!

Ciao, A.


  1. More riding elves this month! Nice painting!

  2. Great job on the conversion. How can you not include a unicorn if you have one?

  3. Nice work Andrea!Looking forward to the complete wardancers

  4. Nice to see that mage model again. I’ve always been a fan of that sculpt


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