Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kenneth's Ruerhl's warhost 4 (200 points)

While breaking up camp in search for some opportunities to hone the combat skills of his warhost, the pickets of the camp reported a dozen soldiers coming their way. Immediately, the witches prepped themselves for battle by praising Khaine and smearing themselves with blood.

When the soldiers came into view it was clear that they wore the colors of a local druchii house and posed no direct threat. Their weapons shouldered and quick marching toward Ruerhl's position in an organized military manner. At about 50 paces they halted.

"Identify yourself!", commanded Ruerhl.

"Lord Kaghath Deadarrow's city guard, my lord". "We are sent to prove Lord Kaghath's loyalty to the Witch King and Lord Ruerhl".

The name sounded familiar to Ruerhl but Druchii politics can be deadly if proven too weak, so he motioned the witches closer, ready to be sent at the inferior warriors.

"Prove your value, or else ..."

The elf that had spoken to Ruerhl commanded his detachment. "Guard formation!"

As a well oiled machine the warriors unshouldered their weapons. Some were armed with crossbows and some with spear and shield. Crossbows in front, spearmen in the back. Their shields protecting the whole detachment and spears protruding in front of them, preventing anyone to come too close.

Ruerhl was impressed by the speed at which they were able to change formation and clearly saw the advantages of this defensive stance. A moveable wall that could strike back. he commanded the witches to stand down and looked at Kurgot. "They will serve as your bodyguard".
"I don't need a babysit", Kurgot replied.
"That wasn't a question either", snapped Ruerhl.

"Alright, listen up! Khaine guides us more to the East. There you will all be tested. To die is to fail and I'm not thinking about failing any time soon. Onwards!"

Ruerhl kicked his mount into action, but it refused to move. The he kicked again, this time much harder and the beast came into motion. The warhost moved eastwards. Spirits were high but Ruerhl disapproved any sounds of joy. Joy would come later, when the victims lay at his feet. Bound in chains or bleeding to death.

Next: HEAVY (regenerating) support (which I recently achieved so my initial armylist is adapted)


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