Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Nathan's Slanns (213pts)

Well I made it for another month - just. Another mixed bag of figures as it keeps me interested. In points values here they are:

Bull slann rider with shield - 33 points
3 warrior priests - 36 points
1 spawn band - 9 points
1 venom tribes - 12 points
1 giant spider - 45 points
1 level 10 hero with blowpipe - 78 points

213 points in total.

Next two months will be fun as I need to bulk out my rank and file units to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for 3rd edition warhammer armies. To be honest I could have finished off a couple more figures this month if need be but knowing I need them next month I stopped working on them. Thankfully that leaves me well placed for March which for me is a short month as I'm off on holidays for three weeks on the 22nd. I reckon I will be right though - time will tell!


  1. Nice and shiny, works very well with Slann.

  2. Can't wait to see this army all together. Beautiful colors!

  3. Fantastic use of color. The spider looks colorful but scary, love it.

  4. Loving those bright colours!!


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