Friday, February 23, 2018

Millsy's Empire Outriders and One Third of a Mulligan...(140pts)

G'day All,

Unfortunately, deadline driven commission work has chewed up a lot of time this month to date and will do so for the remainder. That means I'm not going to get all the way to 200 points in February, so I'm going with 140 points of Outriders and roughly a third of a mulligan :-)

At least I did finish a unit so without further do here is my latest effort, five somewhat top-heavy chaps on armoured steeds and toting ridiculously large firearms. I really love these guys and they will give my force some much needed mobility on the field too.

I wanted to give a nod to the old skool yellow colour scheme from the 4th ed army book without overdoing it so I went with yellow highlights and a lot of steel. I think it works OK and it certainly isn't as in-your-face bright.

So that's another 140 points which will take my tally to 751 in total. Just a dozen halberdiers and a steam tank to go in March and I'm done. Happy days!

In a slight diversion I thought I'd share the following. I picked all three up recently at CANCON, Australia's biggest games con, fore the princely sum of A$110.

Quite the bargain I think you'll agree, especially as the contents of Blood on the Streets and Terror of the Lichemaster are both in MINT condition with not an item missing, nor even creased, let alone cut out or otherwise used. Blood Bath at Orc's Drift is in close to the same condition with a few card buildings missing but otherwise intact and unsullied.

Hence my reason for posting here... does anyone have good quality scans of the uncut buildings from Blood Bath at Orc's Drift? If so and you're willing to share you can contact me using the form on my blog (see sidebar).

Til next time!



  1. Lovely painting (as usual!) Can't wait to see the others!

  2. I like the yellow on the armor, it adds interest. Those guns are insane, some fun models. Great score on the scenario boxes. I'm in full paint mode today to try and get my Brets out in time for a Monday posting.

  3. Lovely work Millsy; I like the bright purple and yellow combo

  4. yes...those are some fancy riders there! mounted Gatling guns! very nice!

  5. That is some fancy paint work there. ;) Well done.

  6. Well done work! I am always amazed by Outriders


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