Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jeff's Who doesn't love Dragon Ogres? (261pts)

I have always loved these models from way back. I never picked them up because I was building my main army, Empire but I wanted to. A few months back I stumbled across them on eBay. Not a steal, but a fair deal I think. So when OWAC came along I thought great, time to get the DO's painted up.

These came painted. I've never stripped figures before, and I didn't want to start learning now. I'd be hard pressed enough to get them finished. So I was just going paint over the existing paint job.  So ready to paint? Nope, I like to tackle the bases first.

I didn't like squeezing these big monsters on 40 by 40 bases. They have a body shape more like cavalry. I wanted to keep the same frontage, but longer. After some searching around, I ordered some 40x60mm from GW. This was just what I needed.

After getting the basing done I started on the models. Actually them being painted helps. I have a very hard time with a "blank canvas". It is much easier for me to pick a painting scheme if I'm doing a repaint. So I dove right in.

I have to say despite them being really big, they painted up quickly. Lots of great detail but not idiotic oversculpting.

Once I started painting, the scheme just came together on it's own. Or so it seemed. I tried to keep the same pallet as the Chaos Heroes I painted in November. I think they came out table worthy. Not great but ready to go on the table.

Done in the nick of time, next up, Harpies.



  1. I like the new paint job! Sort of lion-y rather than refugees from the psychedelic universe. Good job!

  2. Really nice re-paint. Great bases as well set them off. Cheers

  3. Nice work, they look much better on the cavalry bases. I would be a bit nervous about painting over pre-painted, stripping is really easy with biostrip - fun fact :)

  4. Great repaints. I think putting them on bigger bases worked well too.

  5. Looks great! I love the progression pictures and those are some of the most iconic models from my warhammer childhood!

  6. I've no need for DOs myself either but I do love them too. One day I'll snag some and when I do I hope they come out as well as yours have. Lovely work!

  7. You brought them back to the 80s from the 90s paint-scheme wise.(even though they are from the 90s themselves)


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