Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thomas's High Elves: Waife's Archers 227 Pts

Happy Valentines day!  If you haven't got started on your months output there is nly half a month left. ;)

This month I give you Waife's Archers. 

 Waife is a hero to beef up the archers if they ever find themselves in hand to hand combat.  Waife is such a great figure, and they outdid themselves with all the high elf champions in fact.  They are a perfect complement to the rigid ranks of monopose plastics.
 With their accuracy they will snipe their opponents from elevated positions. ;)
Next month will be my last unit another block of 15 Spearmen.  Then coast that last month with a mulligan. ;)


  1. Mulligans are for the weak! Great output as usual Grover, really looking forward to an army shot

    1. Thanks Rochie....and I'm looking forward to yours as well. I hope it rivals Andy Chambers army in notoriety. ;)

  2. They look great Airborne. I don't think I have any more Bretonnians after next month either. I was thinking of doing Ape-ril.

  3. It's going to look awesome as an army. Monoposes are more boring to paint, but they look very good in army shots

  4. know...for plastic...

    But I agree that the metal command groups they released for this edition are quite nice.

  5. Great effort this month mate and in good time too! I like the unorthodox use of red in this army as well.
    Heroes get remembered but legends never die - Remember Harambe

  6. A classical units! I like monopose and hese are greatly done!

  7. You are a doer!
    Agreed with Ed about the red. Good choice and it really makes the unit stand out.

  8. Still loving the bold use of colours on your High Elves dude!


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