Monday, January 1, 2018

Blue's Mad Scramble...December's Wood Elfs 164 Pts

Hi all,

This was a brutal month with a considerable amount of travel for both work and the holidays...time for painting was non-existent for much of the month...and motivation was certainly at a low ebb as well.  That said, when I did have the time and energy to paint I still greatly enjoyed working on these excellent Goodwin sculpts and I rest assured that the next several moths of painting will continue to interest me with the variety and detail in all these wood elf figures.

Here is the completed Group (164pts):

This group consists of:

2 Wood Riders (54pts)

4 Light Infantry, incl Standard (55pts)

2 Lord's Bowmen (30pts)
***note the first Marauder wood elf to make it into the force...shes not a perfect match for the Goodwin Sculpts but I think a little Morrison influence will look good in the completed unit.

1 War Dancer (25pts)

And here are the units...they are slowly growing...which I find very encouraging...the Light inf in particular is starting to look like a nice little force.

Hopefully next month will go a little smoother!!!

Cheers for now,



  1. Great effort Blue and in difficult circumstances too! If you've had to work in haste then it certainly doesn't tell. Glad you made it in time!

  2. Absolutely cracking entry Bloo, amd I'll say it again, they look smooth as hell ;)

  3. Beautiful work, I like the colors used.

  4. I'd be stoked if I could paint half as well as you in a rush! Lovely work Blue. Can't wait for the next instalment.

  5. The choice of colors is working really well, and your painting job is smoother and smoother. Great warband!

  6. Love the muted woodsy colors, well done!

  7. Looking great. The horses are the best.

  8. Superb colours Blue! Love the subtle highlights

  9. Fucking amazing work Blue! I need to study your horses. Mine was base coat, wash, done. But to be fair there's very little horse flesh exposed.

  10. Wow! For a rush job these are juts as beautiful as the last lot! Impressive stuff :)


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