Monday, January 1, 2018

Dave's Cold One Knights (210pts)

It is one cold night here in Toronto, and I feel like there is some joke that could be made... in any case, here are my Cold One Knights!

These guys will form the "shock cavalry" of Vakath's Shock Cadre, as they are a hard-hitting and very mobile regiment. Sadly there were no points available for a full command, so the sword-armed trooper is just a mere regiment leader. Nevertheless, Vakath himself will eventually choice this unit and provide it with some solid leadership. Let's take a look at the breakdown:

5 Cold One Knights ~ 210 points
Upgraded with Lances

With Leadership 8, the Knight fares a good chance at overcoming the Cold One's natural stupidity. This is never a sure thing, however, so it is important to get these guys into combat fast. Initiative 1 on the Cold One is also a pretty significant disadvantage, meaning you will have to wait to get your 2 (!) extra Strength 4 attacks in from the mount unless you happen to be charging. Cold One Knights are pretty durable, however, as they sport a 2+ save and will likely stick around long enough to see the Cold One mount launch its vicious attack.

These are the ideal bodyguard for the Vakath, the army general, who will be making his debut in the coming months. They are fast, tough and dangerous. The trick with this army will be learning how to use these tough knights with the slower foot infantry to best effect, which means learning when to commit them to battle and when to wait so that the infantry can get in position for a deadly pincer attack!

As far as painting them goes, they were a lot of fun to paint, but I did feel that I rushed through them. This was partly my own fault (procrastination, my old friend!) and partly just the circumstances of the holidays, which always make the end of December a very busy time. I look forward to getting a more thorough crack at the Cold One again when I do Vakath himself. In terms of the colours, I tried to keep with my theme of light green and dark blue and I think it is still working for me. I went a little more creative with the rider colours, with mixed results. I started with some sea gold parts (particularly on the leader), and moved on to some bright silvers, reds, purples, blues and greens. I also experimented with a blue-border on the bases, but I might end up repainting this black. In the future, I think I'll try to keep a more limited palette, both for simplicity and to maintain a tighter look to the unit.


  1. I find painting cavalry always a chore, so great submission!

    Nice green & blue combo on the lizards!

  2. I like your limited cool colour palette a lot. Nice work!

  3. The cold one's green skin contrasts nicely with the white snow, nice models.

  4. I like your color choices on these. Also well done on photographing on a white background.


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