Thursday, March 1, 2018

Blake's Dwarfs - And the Thunder Rolls...(234pts)

Ok, working on the pikemen (warriors) and the Goblobber and these guys. These guys got done first, and I am just not happy with the Goblobber, so working on it some more.

So here is a unit of thunderers, mainly blue and red, with the matching colors from the crossbowmen unit. I tried to fit some stripes in there, and used an old banner I had though I added some paint to it as well.

Thunderers - 13 points a model x 16 painted (+ standard and musician for 26 more) = 234 points

Here they are


Leader and Sttandard - He shares same stripes with the level 10 hero from the first month, though Blue this time.

And here is what I have completed so far....

The crossbows

Canon and Hero

The whole group....not much more now...
I'm going to finish up the warriors and the Goblobber for next month, and that leaves me with the longbeards. I have only gotten flesh on them...a bit daunting to be honest following in Wayne's steps...but I'm hoping I can do them well.

Thanks, and until next month, may you always hit your target.


  1. I love the look of an army of dwarves. These look great

  2. Nice job on those classic dwarves.

  3. Great work Blake, some fantastic looking models. Good idea to plan ahead. I never do. I am assembling the figures for March right now. I never learn.

  4. Those thunderers have so much character!

  5. The hammer is truly old and characterful with those!


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