Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ratwig's Dark Elf Repeater Crossbows (306pts)

My entry for March: Jownj ‘Et and the Blackhearts.
14 Crossbows with level 10 leader: 306 points total.
Equipment: Hand weapon, repeater crossbow, light armor, shield, musician.

A unit of repeater crossbows who will be used as a short range assault missile unit or a skirmisher unit. If used as a formed unit, they can put out a hail of missile fire before going in to clean up survivors. They should have no problems operating in skirmish order to cause problems for the other side. This unit gets me over my 20 elf minimum for crossbows.

These are all Marauder figs except one. I couldn’t find enough old round Marauder shields, so I used Gripping Beast Successor Shields instead. They are smaller but have the same general shape as the original Marauder shields, even with a small indentation on the inside that fits the Marauder shield stubs on the figs quite nicely.

Obligatory group photo.

Ratwig out


  1. I love rack and rule! ;) Great job! (and good name!)

  2. Looks very nice, great selection of figures too.

  3. Great looking bunch. I think the shields work well, I'll have to keep that in the memory banks.

  4. fantastic work...shields look great!

  5. Excellent entry. THat color scheme is perfect. ;)

  6. Excellent. Great choice of minis, and a solid colour scheme that ties them all together.

  7. Thanks all. I am really happy with the way these turned out.


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