Sunday, April 1, 2018

Nathan's second last month of Slann (276pts)

Amazing what a deadline can do. I'm not able to paint anything during the last week of March due to some family commitments - that had me thinking that I might need to use my mulligan this month. But I thought that it was worth a try getting enough figures painted and in the end I got over 200 points done pretty easily. A lizardman hero that is worth 120 points on his own helps of course - overall the figures I completed are:

- Lvl 10 Lizardman hero 120 points
- 2 venom tribes 24 points
- 3 spawn bands 30 points
- 2 warrior priests, 1 with a standard 36 points
- 3 lizardmen 66 points

Grand total of 276 points. I'm a decent way through a few other figures which I will make April pretty easy too. The also ensures I have the minimum numbers of troops for a 3000 point army which is what I'm ultimately building toward. Anyway enough blabbing from me - here they are:


  1. They are all great! I especially like the fan dancer!

  2. Lovely colourful bunch! I like the pink plume, mixes great with he green of the skin.

  3. Wonderfully diverse. The skin tones are brilliant!

  4. Oh man these are great. Can’t wait to see the army together.

  5. Wow, this project just surprises me at every turn. A lot of models I haven't seen before. I'm particularly digging those black skinned frogs.

  6. Can't wait to an army shot when it's finished.

  7. Great job! looking forward to see the whole force gathered


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