Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nathan's slann army

Finally got of my arse and took some pics of my slann army. I won't go through the points value of hat I painted as one could check my other posts for that. I will note that the pics include 4 troglodytes that I painted prior to the challenge and 2 slann and one lizardman that I've painted since. My plan over the next few months is to do a few figures a month to beef the force up to a level where I could use it in a game against some of the other warhammer armies that I have painted. Anyway here are the pics:

Me wearing my 1980s era Fitzroy jumper - fits the topic I reckon!


  1. Great to see a painted slaan army!! Nice job

  2. It's never too late for Slann. Nice Work. I love the spiders.

  3. Loved the colors on these. Makes me want to paint up some Slann, although I'll probably do it with the newer sculpts available.

  4. That is so cool! I love them and how bright they look! Great job!

  5. Great stuff all round!

    > my 1980s era Fitzroy jumper
    Class! Extra kudos for the long sleeves too.

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