Wednesday, August 16, 2023

CopperOracle II. 6. Wrap-up

The Severed Hand Orcs and King F'yar

My second OWAC and this one was far more of a  uphill struggle than my first one. Real world distractions and a loss of mojo kept the challenge quite heavy for the majority. My own added pressure of not wanting to compromise and thinking about all the extras I wanted to get to ended up getting to much and I had to just stop and reset. focusing on a couple of other figures to clear myself and then coming back to just focus on what was needed each month helped a lot as well as the boost from seeing the force come together. 

Looking back over it all and what I have achieved I am happy, I had not done as much as I had planned but I have not compromised on what I have done and they can take pride of place next to the rest of the collection and brought me a big step towards its completion. OWAC did what is does and I have painted far more than I would have done without it!
I will certainly be back for next year, either with some Slann or another Bloodbath force, though it will be either the humans or the elves to give a bit of variety! 

Hagar Sheol

Hagar Sheol and King F'yar

The Full Severed Hand Horde!

The Bloody Fingers, Lesser Goblins

Hobhound handler Grashak Kra


Orc Archers

Severed Hand Orcs alongside the Vile Rune Tribe

The obligatory Ansell Pose


  1. Can't wait to see them in a battle report fighting dwarves and elves :) well done

  2. Congratulations on making it through. Sometimes the win is gained through strategy and guile rather than brute force or superior technique, and a stop and rest seems to have done wonders for you :)

    You should be rightly proud of these, they look great. Uncompromised and uncompromising, Oldhammer Orcs at their best.

  3. Bloodbath is an excellent choice, and you did them proud. And love the last pose!

  4. Congrats on finishing! I love the atmospheric style of this army

  5. Oldhammer blended with modern basing for the perfect mix. I'm glad you kept at it and you should be very proud of these :)

  6. You've really brought this classic scenario to life and it's been great to watch it all come together. Amazing work!

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Great work on these - the final group looks awesome. Nice, cohesive army.


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