Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mustafa's And verily did they go forth and mulligan....

For 30 days and 30 nights he did wonder in search of the Lord, yet the Lord’s countenance did not shine upon him.

On the 7th hour, the Lord saw fit to bless him with a message, and that message was.....

“Son, take a mulligan”.

Having a house full of visiting family has been great fun, but has left no time for painting. I shall be taking my mulligan now.

Heap your scorn upon me!


  1. Honor Hashut and use your family as slaves for painting or at least to shower you with food sacrifices while you paint.
    Honestly though glad you are having fun with family

  2. Hope you enjoyed the holidays!

    You're also lucky Blogger doesn't allow for shame giff ;-)

  3. You're a sad slovenly sack of camel ca-ca! I shall taunt you relentlessly.

  4. I think if there is ever a time to take a mulligan, over the Winter holidays is definitely it.

  5. John, you’d recommended that at the beginning of December, I’d have jumped at the chance!

    Iannick, I did mate cheers :) Amd as for the shame GIF, I deserve far worse :(

    Sean, your understanding amd compassion are much appreciated sir!

    Bulldoglopez, taunt away! Son that mention camels though as I might get aroused!


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