Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ben's High Elf Warhost (219pts)

December has been a bit of a chore for my portion of the army challenge. Twelve more rank and file figures added to the sixteen from November gives me a grand total of 28 figures painted so far. Not too shabby considering how my pace is usually closer to 28 figures a year. Without further delay here are some pics and point values:

Command models for my Guard unit.
The guy with the falcon in a Lvl 5 hero with heavy armor and a halberd(53 points). The standard, musician and champion total 56 points at 14 each plus the music bump. I haven't counted points for the standard because I haven't finished it. I often sit on the couch doing nothing instead of painting little men...

Standard of Shame...

Six Guard (+1 Shock Elites)
These guys are armed with halberds and heavy armor and at 14 points each they total 84 points. Between what I painted this month and last I've got a solid unit of 20 of these guys once I finish the standard.

A couple of normal troopers
We have two guys with heavy armor and two handed weapons. 13 points each for a whopping total of 26 points. Some of you may notice my pictures are shittier than usual. My painting lamp burned out at 1am last night making this challenge a true challenge...

I have a total of 219 points for the month and I'm happy it's over. My plan was to paint the bulk of the rank and file figures in the first two months and I have succeeded. I've got some great Oldhammer cavalry, a Marauder War Griffin and a Bolt Thrower amongst other things slated for the coming months. As always thanks for looking and happy new year.


  1. The high elf general with the eagle is one of my all-time fav, and you did a great job on the whole command. That banner is going to look ace once it's finished.

    I also like to sit on the couch...although I usually watch Football or shop on the web while doing it! Less shame...

    1. That's my fav model too! I have one I painted years ago and one I'm gonna go crazy on, at some point. i love eagle riders.

  2. Looking ace. I particularly like that command, too

  3. Great looking Phoenix Guard, the purple looks great in the cloaks.

  4. I really like the last 2 figures, are they from the time before they differentiated between high, sea and wood-elves?

  5. Very nice looking, I would have let the banner go through this month. Solid planning, looks like everything is coming together.

  6. Nice job! I am tempted to start painting my old phoenix guard!

  7. As someone wading through a 4th/5th Ed High Elf army at the moment it is lovely to see some proper Old Hammer HEs and how good they can look


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