Sunday, December 31, 2017

Lopez's Fishkiller's Holiday Elves (232pts)


Yeah!! Take that Santa! And work! And family obligations! And EXCUSES!!

My shit is painted. I really really really learned to hate Bob Naismith Dark Elves this month. I can't wait to go back to my pile of Marauder Dark Elves.

They still need some touch ups, but they're tabletop ready.

For the record I never want to paint this many models in a month ever again. I made a last minute decision to repaint the accents on the bolt throwers from gold to metallic green so they would look better next to the crews.

I used colored metallic again for the armor. These models are nowhere nearly as crisp as the Marauder Dark Elves and I really dislike them. Did I say that already? Just want to make sure I got my point across.

A couple models could still use some detailing and the bases still need a wash and some flock, but ready for the table.

4 Repeater Bolt Throwers with 4 crew each - 232 Points

Next month SCOUTS



  1. Congrats! 4 warmachines ain't easy to pull off!

  2. Sometimes being a single-minded dullard who can only focus on one thing at a time has it's benefits

  3. Despite what you think of the sculpts you did a wonderful job.

  4. Dems is some fly rides....purple is SUpa FLI!

  5. Good job gittin er dun! I like the green, but I might have left the gold for time purposes.

  6. Dear God, How did I miss this all this! Well done in struggling though the bolt shooters - I've a dozen to paint - so far four have reached the painting table the rest are in Dettol!


    1. I have to say I really didn't have a good time painting these lol. If it weren't for this challenge I probably would have never painted mine


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