Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kenneth's Ruerhl's warhost 3 (229 points)

For more than 30 days Ruerhl waited until his scouts returned. During these days he studied the maps of the shorelines, looking for landing areas and easy prey. Those victims would never know what hit them and it would prove a good time to show how cruel he could be. Maybe he could find him some personal slaves too. Slaves are always good to improve your standing at the court of the Witchking.

Two days later a scout returned bringing with him a sorceror named Kurgot. "My Lord, word has gotten to me that you were in need of magical powers" Kurgot said. "Look no further and accept my aid. The dark arts that I possess are at your service".
"Prove that your words are true" demanded Ruerhl.
With a short incantation and a quick flick of his fingers Kurnot threw a lightning bolt from his hand, hitting and pulvirizing a nearby tree.
"Excellent. Join me and let's talk" asked Ruerhl. Knowing that a mighty sorceror is a fantastic ally. Better not upset him too soon.

Later that night more turmoil was heard not so far away. This time a lot of voices were heard and they weren't quiet. Loud as in people in extacy ready for a fight. Another scout had returned to report additional followers but the brides of Khaine don't need anyone to announce them. They announce themselves in their own way. Smeared in dark paint ( or blood ) their leader went straight to Ruerhl. Her beauty caught him for an instant. He knows they are to remain untouched, unless you want to die in a painfull way. "My name is Iraxi. My blades are yours to command".

Things are starting to work out. Better to not let those witches too long without a fight. Now, where was that hamlet again?

So, this month I added:
9 witch elves (108 points)
1 witch elf champion (62 points)
1 sorcerer (59 points)

Next will be some good old fashioned druchii shooting power. Happy New Year.


  1. Great story to go along with great figs! Keep it up!

  2. Painting looks great. Love the dark elves and I appreciate the story. It's quintessential oldhammer to me.

  3. Nice face paint, great looking witches!

  4. Fantastic addition to the force. Some very evocative Dark Elf figures there.

    1. Always wanted to paint these witches. I have more of them to paint in the near future :)


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