Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler (199pts)

Well December is all but over and I finished the actual painting part with a week to spare, but with all the holiday festivities and what not the post waited until the last day. For December I was excited to be able to not only do some of my favorite models, but also a small unit that would make it easier with the hectic holiday schedule, Trolls!

My favorite troll sculpts!

I have been wanting to own the C20 trolls for awhile and when I signed up for this challenge I quickly knew I wanted to do them and snagged the marsh and hill trolls for a reasonable price with some marauder trolls. Sadly the cave and warrior troll eluded me for this challenge, but someday I will have them. For such a small unit I had a lot of trouble finding colors I liked for each. The hill troll was an easy decision to go with browns and flesh tones, but the stone troll took some work before I got the color I was happy with. That left the marsh troll as the problem child of the bunch. It was painted and stripped with three color schemes before I was happy enough with it's accidental homage to Street Fighter II's Blanka.

So here they are with in all their cunning stupidity
199 points completed for December

 Happy New Year to all my fellow challengers!


  1. My favorite is Blanka's cousin. Green/orange is always a striking color combination . well done

  2. I love the stone troll's grey-blue colour. Awesome work all around

    1. Thanks I found that Payne's Grey ink was perfect in helping get the shade right!

  3. I love that marsh troll. Best eyebrows ever! Got one myself and of all my big, dumb nasties he's my absolute favourite. Love your take on him too.

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  5. Love those Trolls! I have the ones on the left and the right. Blanka for the win!

  6. I always loved trolls, and these are greatly painted!


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